The Shed Wall

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    This will be my entry a well known location that will be become apparent as the build progresses .

    thumbnail_IMG_20180513_154113381.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180515_160102552.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180515_160124370_HDR.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180519_132630586.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180521_151058368.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180521_151058368.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20180612_150119645.jpg

    Two inspection pits ,the last picture is where the inside brick wall is not the same depth as the rest of the pit and concrete blocks commence . As the build proceeds you will see what I mean .
    Size wise is 3ft x 9".

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  2. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson Western Thunderer

    Some more progress .


    . The brick gullies have been glued in I must have got some measurements wrong as the depth from the top of the brick gully to the top of pit was far to deep so had to add packing and re glue as should only be 5 bricks high before the top shaped block at this particular location.

    Big foot spotted in Preston


    Cut outs for the drains.


    One grid courtesy of Phil at intentio models , three more to fit .

    It all looks a bit rough at the moment but look fine once the pavers go down.

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