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    This scene at Pluckley Station shows the crane being used to load timber from the horse drawn timber wagon onto a truck of some description. When I built the crane, I always had the desire to build the horse drawn timber wagon and here it is before painting. I haven't made the shafts as yet. I also noticed, as I was taking the pictures, that I haven't made the pins that prevent the logs rolling off the wagon. A job for tomorrow.
    Where I live, there is an estate that was given over to the National Trust in the early 1950s. The donor is buried in the local CofE church and his coffin was borne there on the estates timber wagon. It stood in the yard for many years and I wish that I'd taken photos and measurements as it would have been a good idea to have made one similar. What I do remember is that it was painted grey and so, that is what I shall paint my offering.



    IMG_4532.JPG IMG_4533.JPG IMG_4534.JPG
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    Interesting, when I saw the log wagon I thought 'that is a jinker'. But it seems from a quick google that the term jinker is Australian. Maybe there weren't enough of them in Britain to need a name, or the name has been forgotten.
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    Good idea Jon - something a bit different in the goods yard.
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    Here it is almost finished. I say almost as there are still the steel tyres to paint. I've tried several shades of light grey to show a steel colour but I didn't like any of them. Any ideas from anyone?

    IMG_4545.JPG IMG_4548.JPG
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    Jon, I hope this picture might be of interest:

    Warwickshire Railways.com lms. Lawley Street Goods Depot mrls425d.

    Tonally, the tyres look similar to the rest of the vehicle, but I would imagine they'd be dirty or rusty.

    I'd look for some colour images of real examples and go from there.
  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    I would suggest gunmetal mixed with a wash of dark brown afterwards to show slight rusting.
  7. Longbow

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    AK interactive True Metal AK457 is an usual wax-based paint that gives a very convincing steel finish.
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    Both sound a good idea. Gunmetal paint will have to wait until the shops open again. The AK457, I'll look up in a while.

    The picture hasn't appeared!

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    And what a great picture it is:
    Lawley Street Goods Depot: - Close up showing one of the Midland Railway's articulated extendable horse-drawn vehicles designed to move long and heavy loads
    An interesting split herringbone gear on the cart (fair bit of weight there)- possibly for a small grinding mill or cement kiln barrel? (Edit: too small, more like size of a liner’s propellor shaft).

    Here is the bigger picture it is taken from:
    Lawley Street Goods Depot: - Looking towards Saltley showing the extensive sidings provided in front of Lawley Street Goods & Grain Warehouse

    Any trip to the Warwickshire Railways website leads me up innumerable rabbits holes!
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    Thanks Tony.
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  12. Jon Nazareth

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    The drawing that I was following came from these people.
    That picture shows a very rusty wheel tyre, something to think about.

  13. geoff_nicholls

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    Humbrol sell something they call metalcote paint, in tins and aerosol. It dries matt grey and you burnish it will a cloth to produce a shiny metallic finish. I think the steel one is quite good. You can see it on the (plastic) wheels and coupling rod.

  14. simond

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    I'm perplexed by that split gear. It doesn't look like a raw casting, and if it were machined, I doubt it would be transported in so unprotected a manner, and it it were iron or steel, surely it would be taxing the suspension of the cart? Could it be a pattern? Though even then, I'd have expected it to be better protected.