1/32 TME King Arthur

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  1. Geoff Uren

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    Thank you Peter, both for your reply, and for the very nice work. At least I now know which diagram to assign each crew to!

  2. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    Hi all see below a few clips of 30777 being run in. The loco is still very tight but already runs beautifully.

    Thanks to Chris, Sandra and Derek for all the hard work..


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  3. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Lovely but what are the jamjars on the platform for??!!!
  4. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    they keep the rain off the electric lamps, wasn't set up for a gtg just running in.
  5. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    First all-black locomotive of the batch went out today. An S15 in very early BR livery (30830 with an"A" power rating). I have run this one on several running in sessions and it performed beautifully.

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  6. bambuko

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    Like everybody else here, I am absolutely amazed by what you have achieved with this model.
    What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that it is working steam model.
    Even the actual working parts appear to be correct to scale - my particular favourite is the photo of coupling and connecting rods
    Can you tell us please:
    How thick are the loco frames? are they exactly to scale or did you have to make compromises there?
    Thank you.
  7. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Got some better pictures of the above now, plus three more locos hot off the production line.

    S15 30830 in early BR livery with Maunsell cab and Urie tender

    S15 2.JPG

    Another Sir Lamiel 30777 (the third one out of four being built) as preserved in 1995. Maunsell cab.

    Lam 4.JPG

    Same loco front 3/4 view

    lam 5.JPG

    Southern Railway 736 Excalibur in S.R. olive green, Urie cab, Urie tender


    exc 2.JPG

    30455 Sir Launcelot in mid '50s BR livery

    lac 1.JPG

    lac 3.JPG
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  8. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Hi Chris, the frames are 1/32 steel plate equating, of course, to 1" frames full size which I think is prototypically correct. All stretchers are in the same material and are as per works drawings. Slight mods were necessary to accommodate things like an axle pump which obviously is not on the full - size.
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  9. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Rivets are an important detail on steam outline locos because in later days particularly there were a lot of them! Every N15 or S15 has between 600 and 1100 rivets (depending on period) which have to punched from the half etch Brass. Looking at an average of 1000 rivets per loco (say) that makes about 25,000 rivets punched on the batch! If you've ever tried punching rivets you'll know that it is very difficult to get a completely identical punch on each rivet and if you don't, it really stands out like a sore thumb. I speak from personal experience! Worse still, you can't go back and repair it, once punched.


    Just goes to show Sandra Tolhurst's skill at this aspect of the build, as every rivet on every loco looks identical.
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  10. bambuko

    bambuko Active Member

    Thank you very much indeed! (and in particular for the photo of the frames).
    This is brilliant! especially if you compare it to the "usual" practice of G1 to "beef it up" to double this size.
    Are you using ground gauge plate (tool steel)? or just bog standard mild steel?

    Another question, ( if you don't mind me asking) is about leaf springs as in this photo - are they working leaf springs? or are you discreetely using coil springs?
  11. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Laser cut mild steel is used for the frames. The leaf springs are dummies on both loco and tender with a working coil spring hidden as much as possible. The centre drivers on the N15s had coil springs and on the model these are again just castings but with a hidden (smaller) working coil spring.
  12. bambuko

    bambuko Active Member

    Altogether, not only beautiful, but also very practical small locomotive to be steamed and run rather than just displayed!
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  13. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Had a fantastic day yesterday running Greene King between rain showers. It was my first long run with one of the locos and it behaved beautifully. It was a a little daunting as family and relatives had come along to watch! Brother caught this nice shot of 841 clearing its cylinders before backing onto its coaching stock.

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  14. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    IMG_1356.JPG Inside view of 30777 with crew in place.
  15. Thirtysecond

    Thirtysecond Western Thunderer

    Stuart. Have taken the liberty of turning the picture a few degrees. Hope you don't mind.

  16. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    Derek I'm apoplectic with rage about it! (Joking)

    Course not, looks much better!

  17. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    Few more shots inside the cab with the fire hole door open and from outsides with cylinder drains open!

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  18. Peter Insole

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    I love the resigned look on the fireman's face in the first of those thumbnail images in Stuart's post:

    You can almost hear him thinking:

    "Oh, what's that photographer doing now, climbing all over the coals? I've warned him before; if he gets hurt it's his own bl****** fault...!"

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  19. Ian@StEnochs

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    No he is probably saying ' bu##er! I've let the steam pressure fall a bit too much!

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  20. vonmarshall

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    Just come across this thread and am blown away. True works of art and engineering. The owners are very lucky, particularly those that chose the LSWR livery!

    I understand you are unlikely to ever tackle anything like this again, but if you do and do something like a GWR Star, then PM me immediately and take my money!