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    fullsizeoutput_543.jpeg Here is the latest loco to get delivered. Its the first of two S15's in full SR passenger livery . This one from the second (1923) batch has the Urie tender whereas the one still be delivered is from the 3rd batch and has the Maunsell 8-wheeler. This has the lined panel on the cylinders.

    fullsizeoutput_541.jpeg fullsizeoutput_542.jpeg

    The model has been built circa 1941 after the tender number plate had been replaced with a sign written number but just before the loco was repainted in wartime black.

    19 of the 25 models have now been delivered.
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  2. Thirtysecond

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    Two new deliveries to customers.

    S15 844 fullsizeoutput_552.jpeg

    And the doyen of the class, King Arthur itself!

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  3. Thirtysecond

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    Better pictures of 844. Pity about the oily finger marks on the tender though!


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    IMG_1713.PNG Was sure 844 looked more like this?
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    Whilst meeting up with friend last Friday I saw 740, it took my breath away, stunning.
  6. Thirtysecond

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    A customer provided this shot. Quite atmospheric I thought.

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    Nice steam effects and low light this morning.
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    Hopefully I'm not boring the tits off of anyone with these videos, had a great run this morning, best one yet, slight tweak to the bogie and it's running forwards perfectly on the track now. Tightest point is 7'6" on the outer. No problem with traction despite the weather!!! Lovely steam effects again, visible jets of steam 8-10ft from the loco!!

  9. Thirtysecond

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    No you are not boring any part of my anatomy off me. Love seeing these gorgeous locos running so beautifully. Considering the cold and the fact that it is still blowing off so frequently, I wonder if removing a mm off the wicks my be in order.
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    Not at all EKS!
    Anyone who's not bothered can opt-out of the Thread.

    But there'll be a lot Watching these engines - as evidenced from your own footage:

    Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.36.14.jpg

    The exhaust beat is distinctive - is that crank timing?

    Nice track, by the way.
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    Yup, they do look stunning, I guess it's still running in but runs smoothly now in forward gear & you're right it does steam very enthusiastically! Had a couple of teething issues but Chris was very good with sorting them. Good point re the wicks, although I'm not keen on messing with it for now at least...

    Thanks, can't see much of the track under the snow & it was a bit of a squeeze to get in the garden... I can't take too much credit for it as I underestimated how much work it would be and had to hire in help and pick the brains of some G1MRA experts... The trackbed design is a carbon copy of Paul Abrams approach (right down to the mix of the concrete) and Dick Moger offered a lot of advice too.

    Cat tends to silently appear anywhere and everywhere.... Generally leaves the trains alone but have to keep an eye out. Dick has a good story about a cat and an unfortunate Lord Nelson....
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    Black Cats are convinced they are invisible.
    Mine used to drop out of trees without warning. Sadly, she's sleeping under a paving slab now.
    Solves one set of problems, but now the foxes and badgers have taken back her territory.

    David 1/2d
    Considering a new line . . .
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  13. David Halfpenny

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    They can get another fix here:
    Sample image by Geoff Calver, reproduced without permission by way of Review:
    RB450 TME S15 (2).JPG
    This locomotive is for sale - today - I don't imagine it will hang around long. D1/2d
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    I just finished going through this entire thread, Most inspiring indeed. Also wonderful to see such care and attention to detail in a production run, rare gems for sure.

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    Thanks for popping this thread up again - it's a really nice reminder of something extremely special and superb craftsmanship.
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    Trawling through old albums I came across this shot which I don't think I've posted before. It has a Modelu 3D printed fireman. These Modelu figures really have raised the game for Gauge one figures. They look so natural (as you would expect being essentially a three dimensional print of a 3D photo of a real person). I made the pattern for the driver and I am afraid that modern 3D print technology puts it is the shade somewhat. Unfortunately anything that is close to the backhead needs to be in non-plastic so my drivers will not be retiring just yet (they are Bronze castings)

    This particular model is an S15, No. 823 581BF405-EBD1-46CB-9A0A-410FFCC8CD35_1_201_a.jpeg
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