Turnout templates needed

spikey faz

Western Thunderer
In an effort to re-kindle my enthusiasm for all things trains related, I am starting a small S7 layout/diorama.

I think that when I first joined the S7 Society some years ago I received a number of turnout templates, but I cannot now find them. Is there anyway I can re-acquire these?

My turnouts will be of very small size/crossing angle as I don't have much space and am only running 0-4-0s and 0-6-0s, so if there's an alternative source for small turnout templates I'm happy to have a look at those as well.

Cheers, Mike


Western Thunderer
I have got somewhere the S7 templates that came with the starter pack, you are welcome to them but better still would be Templot templates as these can be custom drawn to what ever spec. you need and printed off as individual templates.


spikey faz

Western Thunderer
Hi Simon

I've had a quick look at the templot site, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at! :eek: I'm guessing I need to draw my plan and then use the programme to draw the track and turnouts? Unfortunately I don't have a computer, so unable to do this. I'm just looking for some diddly radius turnouts. Help! :)