Upgrading the Accucraft Adams Radial Tank

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    Well, to Chris Tolhurst and I the Adams Radial tank is second in Victorian elegance only to the Adams T3. Accucraft bought this model out in a variety of liveries and with the two boiler variants earlier this year. The model being gas poker fired limits what could be done in terms of improvements to our two models but even with that restriction there are many areas, cosmetic and working, where there's room for "polishing". Here is one of the two models when finished.
    F00F420D-4A87-4EDF-AB8B-302E4932E7F7.jpeg 4F7C1635-0474-4B55-BFFB-C92098C98959.jpeg
    If anybody's interested I can go through some of the things we did which included:

    Add cylinder drains and dummy drain cocks

    Improve the chimney

    Add an Enots valve

    Draw file the coupling and connecting rods

    Improve the look and fit of the coal load

    Increase gas capacity

    Move gauge glass and its drain valve

    Move lubricator tank

    Add a detailed, glazed cab with a scale reverser
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    :) I'm interested in how you did all of it, Derek !
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    Installing Cylinder Drains

    There is a convenient groove in the cylinder blocks which, with a sliding rod added, and ports drilled through to the cylinder ends, formed the basis of cylinder drain valves. On the real thing there is an external rod which operates the drain valves. This is not on the model and had to be added. A linkage was taken through to the cab via a pivot crank on the weigh shaft. The linkage operates both the working valves and dummy drain valves. In the cab the drain operating lever was replicated exactly.

    E2638867-3CBE-412E-B355-0BE208F6D4EC.jpeg 02830F49-9B65-477C-A323-9FB034C29BAD.jpeg 37AB1EB7-0D0B-44CA-8FEF-4269D9366F1C_1_201_a.jpeg 5114B01D-3635-49BC-8DD6-BCC2D8B913F6.jpeg B3EB7FDD-DC67-4727-822C-529AA132412F.jpeg 1F9CDFEF-E065-459B-8AEE-D6C407B2FCD7_1_201_a.jpeg View attachment 133851 7C83E544-1B86-4933-972E-4FF2D8CE40E5.jpeg
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    Better use of the bunker space:

    Improving the scale look of the cab:

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