Wantage Tramway Matthews Tram


Inspired by the quirky nature of the WTC, the first foray into loco building for the line is the Matthews 0-4-0 tram, although it ran for most of its life on the line as a 2-2-0. I made the decision to model it as an 0-4-0 and the wheels are Slaters G1 rather than G3, but they are the correct diameter and they have nice spokes! I turned the axles from 1/4" steel rod and turned the ends to be threaded 2BA, the crank discs were next, followed by a pair of eccentrics, as the valve gear will be moving as the prototype, with the flat offset crank over the front axle. Although it looks like there are three eccentrics, there is a spacer between the wheel hub and the eccentrics which serves as a spacer and also a washer to keep the valve gear sheaves in place. In correspondence with Steve Sopwith, the water tank construction was discussed and, as a result, each tank side will have and inner and outer to replicate the rivet detail. The etches are Worsely Works blown up to G3 by Allen Doherty, to be used as a scratchbuilding help, next on the list, the chassis (inner and outer)......Wantage wheels.jpg
I've always liked the Matthews engine: I will follow your progress with interest! Is the drawing readily available? I've never seen more than an outline drawing for this engine.