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Discussion in 'Forum Information and Issues' started by paratom, 23 November 2020.

  1. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Just curious to know how long postings stay on the Western Thunder website for and do they get deleated after a certain amount of time to make room for more post.
  2. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    My first post of over 10 years ago is still there in a thread I have not used for over 18 months.
  3. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    When the site was originally set up by Cynric he obviously looked carefully at all the hosting options, and apart from the current hiccup they have been remarkably good. The hosting plan includes a significantly sized storage option, with the current issues I have been cautiously looking for alternatives and it's very difficult to find anything comparable. At the moment we are currently using about 25%-30% of our available storage space - so plenty of room left yet.

    So to answer your question I have never had to delete or remove any posts due to size limitations. Some posts and threads have been deleted by the request of members leaving the site and wanted their posts to be removed. Some threads have some missing images but that is because they were just links to photobucket/smugmug accounts that have since been deleted when they changed their pricing plans. Which is why I would always encourage members to upload photos directly to the site.
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  4. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adrian looks like the storage space will not get to capacity for quite a while yet.