7mm Wilne Lane Yard

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by alant, 29 November 2020.

  1. alant

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    This is my 7mm Cameo Layout I have been building on and off (more off than on!) over the last couple of years or so. Scenic area is approx 54 ins x 20.5 ins.

    I like the idea of trains appearing and disappearing behind buildings so have designed this to do just that along the front edge.

    It's designed to be operated by a tank loco pushing 3 wagons onto the scene and then replacing 3 wagons already in place. The two headshunts are deliberately short (loco + one wagon) to make shunting the front siding awkward. Still much work to do, including a builders yard premises in the front along with fencing and general clutter etc.

    Layout1.jpg Layout5.jpg
  2. cbrailways

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    Hi Alan,

    Looks very good and just the inspiration I need to finish my shunting layout being built following a similar theme. Any chance of some further photographs showing the full extent of your layout and fiddle yard?
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  3. alant

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    Basic track plan attached - not to scale!
    Plan.jpg Layout3.jpg
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  4. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    Thanks Alan. More motivation for me to push onwards.....
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  5. Bill Campbell

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    Hi Alan

    It's an inspirational layout in such a little space.

    Have you considered making your little fiddle yard into a sector plate or traverser?
    That could then make a loop with the crossover and expand the shunting potential.

    Best wishes.
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  6. alant

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    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the feedback. I did consider "completing" the loop but decided to leave things as they are.


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  7. Deano747

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    Hi Alan

    Very nicely captured. The atmosphere is already growing. The colour on the rails is, in my opinion, just right. Out of interest who's and which colours have you used?

    Regards, Rob.
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  8. mickoo

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    Once again, proof that less is more :thumbs:

    Lovely modelling and attention to form and space.
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  9. alant

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    Thanks Rob. I can't remember exactly what I painted the track with. I think it was a mixture of acrylic Tamiya Flat Red and Black along with Rust from Revell for the rail sides and chairs. The sleepers were painted with a brown/grey mix and then dry brushed with a light grey.
  10. alant

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    Layout8.jpg Layout7.jpg Layout6.jpg A few more pics showing the Garage/Workshop greatly inspired by Chuck Doan (Google him if you are not familiar with his fantastic modelling) and the coal yard. Still work in progress.

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  11. alant

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    A bit more progress showing progress to date with the embankment alongside the garage, goods yard entrance and fencing alongside the factory.

    Garage1.jpg Goodsyard2.jpg Fence1.jpg
  12. 76043

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    I really like your layout, just the sort of thing I'd like to do once all my wagons are finished. Is the J50 a Connoisseur Models kit? Was it easy to build?
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  13. alant

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    Hi Tony,

    Yes the J50 is a Connoisseur kit. I built it some time ago but don't recall any problems. I have also built Jim's Jinty and 4F as well as his "starter kit" loco many years ago.

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  14. steve50

    steve50 Western Thunderer

    Fantastic little layout, very inspiring and so much detail in a small space. I like the plan and the "awkwardness of that front siding", look forward to seeing some more pics. :)
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  15. D602bulldog

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    Very nice little layout.
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  16. David Hall

    David Hall Active Member

    What a wonderful little layout. Less is more and all that. The overall picture/balance of the scene is fantastic. The colours - both layout and stock - meld together fantastically too.

    Inspirational for folks like myself with next to no space available. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more.

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  17. ChrisM

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    What a wonderful little layout Alan, full of character and really looks the ‘part’ - I particularly like your use of quite muted colours, they really bring the whole scene together.

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  18. alant

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    Thanks Chris, I have made some more progress and will post a few more photos in due course.
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