7mm Withyn Reach ... point rodding question.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Jordan, 19 February 2010.

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    Hi Jordan,

    Invite him to WT & have a look round.

    Steve :cool:
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    Gosh, doesn't the 08 look massive compared to the Terrier in the last picture:)
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    Certainly more of a contrast than between the 08 & my Ixion Hudswell Clarke.
    It didn't occur to me to take a similar "buffered up" pic of the two steamers :oops: although we did put them back-to-back, mainly to compare cab heights!!
    Although it could crawl very nicely, the Dapol Terrier was higher-geared than everything else. In contrast the Dapol 08 almost exactly speed matches my PRMRP Class 14.
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    I saw my first Dapol 08 in the flesh at Shildon on Tuesday and the first thing that struck me was how big it was when compared to the Terrier - Those along with a few Dapol wagons were the only O Gauge items that I could find at the toy/train fair held there so I spent all of a £1 on a book for Chris.
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    To illustrate this -

    The Dapol kids.jpg
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    Today on "Time Team", we dig up another old Thread on WT and try and decide what it's all about... :)

    It's quite frightening how long I've had this layout, now, and it's still not really finished, hence the tenuous archeology link!!
    One job I would like to do is to add some point & signal rodding. I see that Wills are doing a nice handy kit in 4mm scale; google hasn't thrown anything similar up for 7mm, which I would find really useful if such a thing was available, since being resident at The Back of the Class, it's something I have little interest in beyond being able to stick on the layout something that looks the part; it does not have to work. Who makes components for 7mm point rodding anyway? A link to C&L threw up one of those "Error 404 Page not Found" thingies!!
    Also, I have no idea what bits would go where, so to speak. I previously had two point lever, one at each point, scratchbuilt but clearly made without any reference to prototypes whatsoever :oops:
    Withyn 30aug09 004.jpg

    Withyn 30aug09 003.jpg

    ...although they must've looked effective because my lad's mate broke the second one by accident because he thought it really did switch the point!!
    It occurred to me that for what is effectively a crossover, a Ground Frame would be more likely, to save the Guard having to run between the points to change them. I also have a ground signal (old GEM product) which I've put between the tracks, more or less behind the second lever above, as I figured some shunt movements might be controlled by one, with other signals all 'offstage'.

    Here's an early overall view of the layout:-
    Withyn Reach 006.jpg

    If I locate the Ground Frame at the toe of the point by the Hymek, where is the rodding likely to run to operate the other point, and the ground signal, by the first mineral wagon at the far end of the layout? I assume at some place the rodding would have to go under the right-hand track, and I also realise adding point rodding etc after ballasting is not an ideal situation, but we are at The Back, here, after all. :oops: :rolleyes:

    Thanks for looking and hopefully offering some advice!!
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    The Wills point rodding stools are much closer to 7mm than 4mm, as might the rodding itself. That said the stool spacing is wrong for the larger scale. I think MSE via Wizard Models do 7mm stools as ModelU certainly does. I'd post links but I'm on the train home!

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    Been having a play with the last photo, to try and explain things a bit better.

    Withyn Reach 006a.jpg
    If the red-outlined, black 'blob' just above the Hymek is the Ground Frame, would the likely course of the rodding be as above; red for the ground signal (facing, and controlling, movements from the headshunt where the Hymek is) and black for control of the second point. I've dog-legged it under the sleepers just before the wagons as with retaining walls now in place it's a bit tight behind the tracks directly opposite that point.
    Or maybe control of everything would be more likely to be from a ground frame off-stage at the theoretical yard entrance? so all the point rodding would come in from the hidden sidings end, and there'd be no ground frame at this location on the layout itself??
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  9. Jordan

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    Now that's interesting! No doubt the rodding is plastic? & so easy enough to change for some longer stuff..?? ;) :thumbs:
    Just attracted to the Wills kit as it's something I'm likely to find at my local Model Shop.

    Also - the signal would more likely be operated by cable, than rodding, wouldn't it?
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    If you have a ground signal then I think that the pull on the signal ought to be through detectors on one of the turnouts.

    Not sure if appropriate here, the run from the ground frame to the far turnout may, in the real world, have included an expansion joint /compensating cranks (two cranks with an intermediary link, both cranks on the same "bed").
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    Yes, the rodding is plastic and, yes, it's easy to replace. I guess the signal would run off a wire but as Graham suggests, it might not be connected to the lever frame directly.

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  12. Jordan

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    Thanks for the help, chaps. I shall investigate my local Model Shop ASAP.