7mm Withyn Reach ... point rodding question.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Jordan, 19 February 2010.

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    Care to post some images of that nice red industrial lurking within the sidings at Withyn Reach?
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    See we won't give into terrorism, do your worst you extortionists paint the world with your Green hews we don't care we knew we would triumph in the end so nuts to all you disbelievers
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    There's probably some earlier in this Thread, somewhere...


    I got it R-T-R off Ebay, I think it's a Worsley Works Barclay. That is - I know it's a Barclay 'cos that's what the plate says over the radiator; I'm not sure who the kit manufacturer was...
    It's in EWS Maroon, by the way.:thumbs:
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    Jordan looking happy that he's outsmarted the Green Meanies

    'Cram that up your crimpers heap green men of kettle persuasion'
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    In times past, Withyn Reach has suffered from invasions by the Soo, of course...

    Soo latest 004.jpg

    Soo latest 006.jpg
    ...posted just to keep the whole Blue thing in perspective...:D :p :thumbs:
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    We like perspective :thumbs:
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    I love the concrete fence, looks extremely realistic. Top stuff!


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    Nice jordan. What tops number is it goin to be ?. :thumbs:

    I do like the 2nd & 3rd pics :thumbs::thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
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  10. Jordan

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    It'll be 31 415.:) ....and I know that means I have to add ETH connections as well...;)
    One side will have the White Stripe treatment, too.
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    Has it been scrapped then Jorders
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    Yeah, back in 2009 according to this Old RMweb Archive Thread. :(

    I note no-one there corrected my post about where 31 415 was allocated (OOC, not FP!! D'oh!!:oops: )
    & I must admit that I didn't really think my slight bit of wish-listing would come true, either...!!
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    Mercian Models. :cool:
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    Thanks Dave, I stand corrected! It's pretty much as I bought it off Ebay, except for the top coats of EWS maroon and black paint (to enhance/touch up the paint it had), and I replaced the original whitemetal buffers with sprung ones (Slaters I think), and sprung coupler hooks too. There is a driver inside; I need to add more weathering & some 'clutter' to the frame sides, in a blatant attempt to copy your work...:D :bowdown: :oops:
  17. Jordan

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    Just done a bit of digging, and found an old Thread here on RMweb about this kit.
    I'd long suspected mine was missing side rails along the hood; but it also seems that these were often removed in real life, too.

    The old adage still applies - somewhere, there really is a Prototype for Everything...:thumbs:
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    As the Thread Over There about this layout was revived recently by the interest of new members, I mught as well take the chance to update this old thread Here, as Withyn Reach is still very much alive and well :)
    Still unfinished :oops: ... but alive and well...

    A photo of the new fiddleyard arrangement (just about). As the original intention was to use single cassettes, I didn't line up the ends of the track on the scenic board, which meant needing a short bit that brings them parrallel to use a traverser. This is a three-track, two-position traverser so the middle track is common to both tracks on the scenic board. It just slides by hand on an mdf baseboard. Although this is a waste of hidden siding space, it does lengthen the on-scene capacity a bit (every cloud, etc)

    My lad liked the Ixion Hudswell-Clarke, and I'm a soft touch, so we traded in some HO locos for one...

    Now the general idea of the typical movements/sequence for the exchange of trains between B.R. and the Private Railway (as yet still un-named :oops: )
    We start with the Barclay waiting on the old Wharf with an 'Outbound' train, two empty vans and a 16t of scrap metal.

    I do hope (having not researched it!!) that the Barclay weighs less than 50 Tons..!!! :eek:

    As glimpsed in the previous photo, the Hymek has arrived with a couple of inbound wagons, a 16t of coal and empty Tube Open for a collection, and Brake Van.

    It runs round the train, collects the Brake Van, and returns to the headshunt behind the hut. Brew time for the Crew :D

    The Barclay leaves the outbound train and collects the inbound wagons. It then returns to the outbound wagons and pulls them forward clear of the weight restriction, so the Hymek can get them. I know it could do this before collecting the inbounds, but it's extra movement, and based on the assumption that 'offstage' the loop is rather short, and the crossover in favour of the BR tracks to the rear; in other words, to go to the rest of the private system, the Barclay has to leave from the front track, if that makes sense...

    You'll note that the outbound train is dropped on the point. Real railways seem to block up pointwork like this far more than modellers do!
    The Hymek leaves the Brake Van in the headshunt, and comes around to collect the outbound wagons. (Fitting the etched numbers is yet another "Still to Do" job!!)

    It then goes back on the rear track to collect the Brake Van, and makes ready for departure.

    ... and thus Withyn Reach returns to the peace and quiet of a little-used & nearly closed freight branch.
    For Exhibition, I would bring the Barclay back on scene with another 'outbound' train, before the B.R. train leaves, so there's always something on view.

    Finally, Withyn Reach has a couple more residents (Omen Miniatures); a Shunter has joined Old Bert, and a Goods Guard watches from the verandah of a Lima Toad (which rather embarassingly has lost a lamp iron, and has a broken lower handrail; close-ups are SO cruel :( )...

    For now, that's all, folks!!!
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    Just need an old pram in the cut... maybe a coot or three...
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    Might be the Barclay in the cut if it's overweight!
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