Ye Olde Gataneal GWR AEC Railcar No12

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  1. John TAYLOR

    John TAYLOR Western Thunderer

    In view of Heljan`s impending O guage GWR AEC Railcar and whether I fork out £500 for one.

    I`ve blown the dust of my 2014 build of this 1980`s kit.

    Last evening I constructed a plasticard `box structure` to fill in the open space between the bogies. This has made a big difference visually.

    At the same time I re-fitted the Zimo decoder which has had an upgraded sound file from Youchoos recorded from GWR No 22 at Didcot. Although it has the later body style the chassis has the same Perkin`s diesel `bus` engines as No 12.

    I hav`nt got used to the gear changing yet and the sound needs reducing a tad to avoid distortion with the horns.

    But otherwise I might not bother with spending £500.......