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Discussion in 'Workbenches, including workshop techniques.' started by paratom, 20 August 2020.

  1. paratom

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    With the pandemic still with us and a stay at home culture that seems to be effecting the way we work and spend our leisure time I thought I would see if there would be much interest in a Zoom group who would on occasions meet up in their workshops, show members their equipment what they have been doing on it and share any tips or advice they might have. Would be best if members had a device such as an Ipad, Surface Pro or any other device that’s portable. Let me know what you think and if I get enough interest I could host the first session.
  2. adrian

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    My apologies for the delay in replying - I've been rather busy with work. The computer systems I use for work have literally been dead in the water after the recent storms - needless to say our IT subcontractors have a few searching questions to answer about backup systems and business continuity requirements!!

    With respect to the zoom meetings then it is something I would be keen to support. I have participated in a couple of similar meetings with the 2mmFS association. The timing is crucial - late morning (UK time - GMT) seems to work for the 2mmFS meets as the organiser is on Australia time so it's mid/late evening for them 7pm-9pm but they still have members dialling in from the States and Canada for whom it's early morning - about 6-7am.

    Personally from my own IT security paranoia I won't host a zoom meeting but would be happy to join in a meeting - accessed via a web-browser. I did suggest something similar for the GOG virtual Guildex and would be keen to experiment to see if people would be interested in a more face to face communication. I really need to investigate Google hangouts and/or Microsoft teams as an alternative as I have a few other ideas about soldering techniques and scratch-building I would be keen to promote.
  3. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Hi Adrian
    Thanks for getting back to me. There are other apps that probable have fewer security concerns than Zoom although I use Zoom for my paragling club talks and nobody has expressed changing to another app. I will look into Google Meet and see what that has to offer.

    Regards Thomas
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  4. paulc

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    Dont forget Skype .
    Cheers Paul
  5. simond

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    a vote for MS Teams.

  6. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Ok looks like Skype is comming out tops at the moment. Might have to clean up my workshop if this goes ahead.
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  7. Rambler

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    I’ve been involved with Zoom meetings for both the North London Group (scalefour, mostly) and the South East S7 Area Group. Both work on a “show and tell” basis and usually have 8 to 12 participants. This seems to work well, and you get a better appreciation of people’s talents.
    As far as a WT online meeting is concerned I think the problem might be handling a large number of attendees - it’ll take a very good “leader” to manage a meeting with 30 people. Not to mention that it could take a long time to get through everyone’s contributions. It’s tempting to suggests having meetings for people with similar interests, to limit numbers, but you’d lose the benefits of cross pollination of ideas.
    Having said all that, the most useful thing I’ve learnt is that these sort of meetings usually work, so just go for it.
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  8. Hobbyhorse

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    I'd be happy to take part.

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  9. adrian

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    A really big thanks from me for stimulating this discussion - it sounds like something that members will be interested in participating. I would be willing to help out and/or host although I think I'd need a trip to the local barbers before cleaning up my workshop! :eek:
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  10. simond

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    I have attended a few on-line Solidworks training workshops over lockdown, where there have been a handful of presenters and an audience in the hundreds (maybe more).

    I’d have to go looking to see what software they used, but it allows attendees to join just by linking a webpage, the host can mute everybody else, and participants can type questions in a “chat window”. The session was also recorded, which would facilitate building a library.

    I have no idea whether the software is inappropriately expensive, or whether Zoom or Teams or one of the others would be able to do it, but this approach would mean that pretty much anyone could host a show-and-tell session for the rest of us.

    might address the larger audience question?

  11. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I'd be happy to take part, timing and small person permitting. You could get a tour of the shelf of doom... Or the layout.

  12. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Thank's for your responses. It would have to be a weekend so not to interupt my day job and morning seems to be the best time for our members overseas. I am thinking of maybe the 12th of this month at 11am which hopefully by then will have attracted a bit more interest and give me time to sort my workshop out.
  13. Kerry Viney

    Kerry Viney Member

    I will endeavour to join either on Zoom or Skype. The 11am UK is 8pm Queensland time. Possibly a video of the session for those of other overseas time slots as is done by the MERG group would possibly be appreciated. Am watching for updates.

  14. Hobbyhorse

    Hobbyhorse Western Thunderer

    The 12 th sounds good for me.

  15. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Ok spread the word 11am it is and I will probably go with Zoom or Skype depending on what feedback I get.
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  16. Sandy Harper

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    Ok, did this happen? I have only just found the thread.
  17. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    No it's this Saturday.
  18. Sandy Harper

    Sandy Harper Western Thunderer

    Oh! Not good for me then as I have to dress up as a cowboy and attend my Granddaughters birthday party at midday!!
  19. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    Oh, just seen this, any idea what platform yet? (No pun intended)

  20. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad


    A really big thanks for organising this for us - I've added it to my diary and if you let me know the details of the meeting, url link, password etc. then I'll make sure it's visible on the forum for members.

    The most important thing is I've managed to got a lockdown haircut (under special restrictions here in Preston at the minute) although I will have to clear the workbench a bit before the meeting.
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