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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 9 November 2011.

  1. Dan Randall

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    I'm working on a variety of 7mm items (as time permits!), to suit my own needs, but if there is sufficient interest, I don't see why I couldn't do them in 1/32 scale too. :)


  2. Simon

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    We will need a trade liaison officer too.......



    Who met another potential member in the shop today.
  3. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad


    Out of respect for my co-exhibitor, I will not be displaying my text prominently at the forthcoming display.

    I might keep it to hand for tactical deployment should the opportunity or need arise however:p

    Joking apart, Derek has come up with a great set of exhibits and there will some of my stuff there too, so it should be good.

    "Discussion" of our efforts have kicked off on the G1MRA Yahoo group, which is proving as depressing as ever. I can't resist showing you chaps this quote though, which flows on from some worries about how competitions might be judged. No names no pack drill, but I just "love" the implication that anyone who tries to model accurately is bound to fail:headbang:

    These kinds of criterion based scoring system also tend to disadvantage
    certain types of models - something like a model which does not have
    every last rivet etc., but which presents a far better impression and if
    you like picture of the prototype in the real world, than the totally
    detailed rivet counters delight.

    Off to do some check rails and accounts, not neccessarily in that order:(

  4. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I'm sorry, I've got to share this and I daren't reply in the place that this was posted, but here's another absolute corker from the "land of tweed":rant:

    With a back to back of 40 mm, wheel width of 6 mm and tread depth of 2 mm it looks like G1MRA standard. Why use anything else?

  5. 28ten

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    I told you, its not worth expending the energy, do your check rails instead :cool:
  6. Neil

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    Steady Simon, not good for the blood pressure.

    [devils advocate]

    You might remember a reductionist theory I spouted about during one of the lulls in aggressive book retailing at Llanfair. For the benefit of others I'll try a quick summing up. If the youth of today were asked what they want from life, a good number would reply 'rich and famous' or themes around that notion. I'd argue that what they really want is to be happy; but modern influences have sold 'rich and famous' as the best route to it. However it's a strategy doomed to failure for many/most and the reality is that a different rote should be undertaken.

    The model railway equivalent would be that a layout has to be large, multi tracked, dcc sound equipped with a large stud of locos and fleet sized quantities of wagons and carriages. Again this is an aspiration doomed to bear disappointment for most. Far better to seek out the enjoyment in something more modest. Captain Kernow, his mate John and myself derived huge enjoyment in finding the overgrown end of the Trawsfynedd branch; we were captivated by the discovery of the point and siding heading towards the unloading area. Just as small bits of railway can switch on enjoyment I wonder if some of the G1MRA stance is driven by a similar simplification or reduction in what's needed to switch happiness on.

    In these terms I could see where they're coming from. However I can also sense a touch of dogma appearing in the quoted passages; I'm not sure that I'd want what makes me happy forced on others. I suspect that's why Mr Angry emoticon is peppering this thread.

    [/devils advocate]
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  7. Jordan

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    Spot on, Neil..!!

    Simon, your continuous use of the :headbang:and :rant: emoticons suggests to me that you are wasting your time trying to preach to those who do not wish to be converted.
    Start up your own group, as has been suggested before in this thread. I suspect it'll save you a lot of frustration in the long run.
  8. Phill Dyson

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    I'm with Cynric,Neil & Jordan.............just form your group & leave the G1MRA to theirs ;)
  9. Ressaldar

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    as my Grandfather used to say - 'I'm best off all by myself in a group' - in your case Simon, you have the WT's in the background with you.;););)


  10. Pugsley

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    Simon, along with the others, I think it's time you created the breakaway republic of the 1/32 society, I don't think you'll get anything other than frustrated trying to open the minds of the G1MRA.
  11. Old Buffer

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    By reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that the masters at G1MRA have blinkered tunnel vision, they appear not to be interested in anything other than what they have set their minds and limitations on.
    The only response is to set up the 1/32 society, it will probably take some time for others to get used to, but all the fence sitters will have something tangeable to join.
  12. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    From the 'tweed' angle, why would they want 1/32 as part of their group when they seem happy as they are? Are you really trying to knock a square peg in a round hole?
  13. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I think that's very fair, I'm not half as hopping as my choice of emoticons and am definitely going to set up a new group for us 1/32 type chappies:thumbs:

    Also, re-reading the quotes I have given and without the full context of the perversity of word and thought that goes with them, they really look quite benign. In fact I find myself agreeing with the thrust of dimwit #1's observation although dimwit #2 remains beyond the pale (oops, there I go again:rolleyes: )

    On the other hand I'm not packing in my membership of G1MRA, there's tons of stuff they are really good at, the good eggs outweigh the stinkers, and I want the new outfit to be on good terms with it:)

    Saturday will be good fun I am sure. I will get to have a proper conversation with Derek Pollard and Chris Tolhurst, Cookie is turning up with his tool truck in a proper Southern paint job, I will get to see some really good models up close and several of us are going out for a meal afterwards.

    I will try and take lots of photos too.

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  14. ceejaydee

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    I might even drop by and say Hello if I don't choose my alternative venue for Saturday :rolleyes:
  15. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Just a marker to say that it was a really great day, most of my photos are utter rubbish but I will put something up later and hopefully Steve will too, as he was also there and took some photos.

    Lots of names to faces and multiple conversations.

    I purchased more Cliff Barker point timbering that I needed and a rather nice pair of etched sides and a basic floor and ends for a dia 178 B set from Peter Smith who is pretty much packing in coach production.

    I'm off to do some stuff....

  16. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Look forward to the pics (whatever the quality) :)
  17. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Was a good show yesterday, lots of chatting, meeting new people and generally talking trains :) Was good to meet Roger (D816Foxhound) for the first time and see his Lowmac, just visible in front of the steam engine on the bottom row below.

    The display seemed to go down well, plenty of people stopped to chat and look at the models, although the conversation was not as intense as the photo of Arty and Simon implies :)
    Display talk_forum.JPG
    There was a good range of subjects on show, covering all the bases from 10mm and 1/32, Live Steam through to 2 rail electric and battery power. I didn't get shots of everything, but as a taster -

    Live Steam Gauge 1 10mm Crewe Goods. Based on one of John Dale's kits, its pretty much spot on with working backhead detail and a lovely patina of use. Although I haven't seen it running, it is reported to produce plenty of power and looks a picture pulling some period stock. Apologies for the quality of the backhead shot, a little out of focus.
    Crewe Goods_forum.JPG
    Crewe Goods2_forum.JPG
    Sticking with the live steam stuff, next up is a backhead shot from a Britannia, scale and working, it blew my mind. What could be better than one of these - well of two of them :D The artists in question are Derek Pollard and Chris Tolhurst (of TME fame) and they have done a stellar job on these two. Both were bought as working loco's, they were then stripped down for superdetailing and enhancement - Mark Woods wheels, replacement valvegear, lots of lovely castings and pipework. The boilers were remade an inch shorter so that the fully working backheads could be made and installed. Even the pressure gauge drain lever works, but best of all is the blower control. See that little wheel top centre on the backhead..thats it, fully functional, although Derek pointed out he would have to make a tool to adjust it with the cab on...bonkers, but epic all the same! The shot below is of Chris' masterpiece, with working 1/4" pressure gauge...
    Backhead by Chris Tolhurst.JPG
  18. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Also from the talented hands of Derek was a Fred Phipps Warship. Battery powered with working lights and illuminated headcode box, it was a superb model with some cracking cab weathering on display (worn vinyl seat coverings and scuffed flooring), unfortunately the lighting at the show and the glazing on the model prevented me getting any shots of those aspects
    Derek Pollard Phipps beauty_forum.JPG
    Just off the display to the right was a scratchbuilt B4 tank loco, 12v and to 10mm scale, it was made by Harry Dumas and dates from the late 70's. A superb piece of work and as pointed out in the notes with it, it really pushed the boundaries for its time.
    10mm B4 12v_forum.JPG
    A couple of likely lads turned up to lower the tone :p, Simon's Toad holding its own against the assembled, whilst the bottom of my Tool Van has snuck in at the top of the shot


    A couple of models, I didn't catch who had built these, sorry (edit to add builder is Peter Trinder)
    GW truck and brake_forum.JPG
    and an entry from the G1 Chairman, Chris Ludlow (apologies for the crap photo - not representative of the model itself!)
    Chris Ludlow_forum.JPG

    As usual, there was some lovely stuff from Aster on display, including a Blue (right colour, no... :) ) Duchess (I really do need to sort out the auto focus on my camera!)
    Aster Blue Duchess.JPG

    Last up is a shot of the new Doddle 2 from Barrett engineering - mainly of interest as I have one of the mark 1 versions, albeit in a mostly dis-assembled state awaiting work :oops: Speaking of which, I shall go and do some more on that...


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  19. adrian

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    Thanks for the photo's, I really do like the live steam stuff, Rafe's stuff is always good to see but those Brit's are simply stunning.
  20. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Steve, thank you very much for posting those pictures, a good record of what was on display. I have got one or two complementary photos and I will post them, although their quality are nothing like as good as yours.

    Graham Smith a G1MRA member I was chatting to has very kindly posted a short video of our efforts on Youtube, thankfully he mostly managed to leave me out:))

    Thanks for your company, I hope you got back in good time, I managed it despite running into Bath on vapour and being pulled over by the boys in blue approaching Cirencester for going too fast (no I couldn't believe it either, but I didn't argue!).

    I've done a bit more to the C10 today, next job is the tiebar.....

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