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Edited by Bob Barlow & Gerry Beale

MRJ Issue 10
  • Wicken

    Trevor Nunn



    As the S Gauge Model Railway Society celebrates its 40th anniversary, Trevor Nunn relates his adoption of this minority scale which, nonetheless, is still regarded by many as 'the ideal size'.

    GER fenland branch terminus set around 1910.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, layouts

  • Real Atmosphere


    LNWR Precursor class no. 1430 'Victor' on the turntable at Liverpool Lime Street, c.1907.

    Tags: LNWR / London & North Western Railway, prototype, Real Atmosphere, steam locomotives

  • Scratchbuilding No. 202

    Guy Williams



    Guy Williams, Pendon's CME, needs no introduction. His crusade to produce a stud of 4mm locomotives as near to dead scale as possible dates from the late 1940s, when most modellers were content with three-rail 00. His drive, fired by Roye England's critical appreciation, has inspired and maintained Pendon's quest for locomotive perfection and, as a by-product, the now-famous book 'Locomotive Construction in 4mm scale' (Ian Allan). This article, however, is Guy's first published chronology of the building of an individual engine. There is something about a Guy Williams locomotive, something which sets it apart and, with such near to scale components, their sheer delicacy so often makes them appear as if they were really shrunken prototypes. However, beyond this, perhaps his greatest achievement is his ability to capture the very soul of the engine concerned, an ability he has passed on to his fellow modellers and proteges Tony Reynalds, Andrew Field and Paul Morgan (who now keep him very much on his toes!). This really is an artist at work, and here he describes how he built No. 202.

    Scratchbuilt GWR '517' class 0-4-2T no. 202.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, pre-grouping, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • MRJ Portfolio



    Two views of Francisthwaite, a 7mm scale Edwardian MR/LNWR layout by W. S. Norris.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, MR / Midland Railway, MRJ Portfolio, pre-grouping

  • Period Agriculture

    Tim Watson


    Tim Watson, farmer's son and one-time 'farmer's boy', applied his expertise to the landscape of the MRC's 'Chiltern Green' 2mm layout, which deservedly picked up trophies at every turn. Here he offers some 'prototype notes' for those who wish to run their railways through accurate countryside.

    Description of pre and immediate post-war farming.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, landscape, prototype, scenery

  • The 'Geordie Pug'

    Iain Rice



    Iain Rice dredges a busted body and a simple chassis kit from the soup to build a beginner's delight.

    LNER J72 (ex-NER E/E1 class) 0-6-0T using the Mainline body, with a new compensated P4 chassis built with various bits and pieces. Includes a review of the Perseverance J72 chassis.

    Tags: chassis, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, product reviews, RTR / kit conversions

  • B.R. Standard Parcels Stock in 7mm

    Richard Sharpe



    Few people modelling BR could do without GUV or CT vans, which were produced in great quantities. here Richard Sharpe examines the prototypes and gets to grips with 7mm kits for them.

    Review, construction and detailing of the Post-War Prototypes 7mm etched GUV and CCT kits.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, coaches, detailing, etched brass, kits, product reviews, vans

  • Small Suppliers Forum


    DJH - etched brass detailing sheets. Wills - scenic sheets. Coopercraft - 4mm AEC Monarch lorry kit. DC Kits - resin cast class 76. Tri-Flow - lubricants. Wills - 4mm Saxby & Farmer signal box kit. Alan Gibson - 7mm track components. Brassmasters - 7mm LNWR 'Prince of Wales' 4-6-0 locomotive kit. D.G.Couplings etched brass 2mm auto-couplings. Peco - automatic warning system ramp and glazed station roof. Meridian Models - narrow-gauge 'toast-rack'. Keil Kraft - T-type coach. Howard Scenics - embossed card brickwork. Branchlines - various accessories. MJT - buffers and bogie sides.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum