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Edited by Jerry Clifford

MRJ Issue 235
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Brassmasters announces a limited edition kit for the LMS 'Princess Royal' 4-6-2 locomotive and tender; Richard Syms has taken over production of the Lincs Autocoupler kits originally developed by Dick Tarpey; Rumney Models releases 4mm scale kits for the distinctive LMS clasp brake chassis - 17ft 6in x 0ft chassis in BR or RCH form and the 'Derby' clasp-brake version.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • The North Cornwall Railway in 2FS

    John Greenwood


    2mm/2mm FS

    John Greenwood takes a retrospective look at nearly half a century of progress in this tiny scale

    Tags: layouts, scales / gauges

  • Light Work

    Gordon Gravett


    Gordon Gravett builds some lightweight baseboards using extruded polystyrene

    Tags: baseboards, techniques

  • Model Railway Operation

    Bob Paddison


    Bob Paddison shares some thoughts on model railway operation or how not to run a railway

    Tags: layouts, operation

  • Starting in Gauge One, Scale 1/32

    Simon Castens



    Simon Castens shares his experiences from starting afresh in gauge 1, 1/32nd scale

    Tags: garden railways, general modelling

  • The Eye in the Sky

    Charlotte Hill


    The Aerofilms collection, now in the care of English Heritage and Partners, has long been regarded by railway modellers and historians as an invaluable research resource. As well as the wealth of information that can be gleaned form the photographs, some almost 100 years old and of remarkable quality, there is the sheer pleasure of being able to view the subject in much the same way we would a model.

    Here Charlotte Hill, Project Manager for 'Britain from Above', outlines the background to the project, the services available to the modeller and historian, and offers up some samples.

    Tags: prototype, reference

  • And Now for Something Completely Different

    Laurie Griffin


    2mm/2mm FS

    Laurie Griffin is one of the best known and most experienced exponents of the art of building small scale locomotives, having kit- and scratch-built countless examples in 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32...but never 2FS. After months of blatant tempting, he finally cracked, and here he outlines some thoughts on his first 2mm loco.

    Tags: kits, steam locomotives, techniques

  • QUAI:87

    Brian Harrap



    Brian Harrap has always been an original thinker who tends to give convention a cheery wave as he passes it by on the other side of the street. Having found that none of the commercial or published standards worked for the more obscure subjects he favoured, he simply went back to the prototype, measured it, and went from there.

    Tags: layouts, techniques