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Edited by Bob Barlow

MRJ Issue 56
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Impetus - Etched Cabs.South Eastern Finecast - Catalogue of Road Vehicles.London Road Models - 7mm 'Watford Tank' kit.Chowbent Castings - 4mm LNWR 57' Carriages.Medina Art Castings - Vacuum de-gassing equipment.Tamiya - Plastic scriber.Brassmasters - 4mm 'LNWR/LMS George V' kit.Xuron - Rail cutters.Model Signal Engineering - 'Furness Railways horse box' kits.Model Transport - Resin road vehicle parts.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Port Victoria

    Andrew Browne



    Andrew Browne describes his 4mm/EM exhibition layout depicting a little-known port in Kent.

    Layout based in a port in Kent around 1908. Good pictures of wharf and paddle steamer.

    Tags: layouts, pre-grouping, SE&CR / SECR / South Eastern & Chatham Railway, ships / boats / barges, water / waterways

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No. 6

    John Wright


    Street Scene - Old Kendal.

    Drawing of terraced Shop and Temperance Hall on a hill.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, houses

  • No. 1 Shop: Insulated Efficiency

    Sid Stubbs


    Having described his method of making high-efficiency worm drives (MRJ No. 42), Sid Stubbs explains some straightforward methods for building high-efficiency chassis to put them in

    Using 'Tufnol' stretchers and axle insulators

    Tags: chassis, No. 1 Shop

  • Dimpled Axles

    Roger Lycett-Smith



    Locomotive axles should show their dimples, thinks Roger Lycett-Smith. He devised a simple tool to add them to standard 4mm finescale types.

    Make axle 'dimples' using a tube, punch and block of hardwood.

    Tags: components, wheels

  • Jackson Couplings, Part 2 – Modern Developments

    David Booth, John Langan, Norman Whitnall



    In the second and final part of their examination of the extraordinary Alex Jackson coupling, John Langan, Norman Whitnall and Dave Booth look at some of the refinements that have been devised since Alex’s death – and explain why these little bits of twisted wire have defeated all attempts at commercialisation.

    Examination of the AJ coupling.

    Tags: couplings, scratchbuilding

  • The Scale Optician

    Alex Milne


    Short-sighted passengers? The prototype demands that you give the little devils glasses says Alex Milne.

    Putting 'specs' on figures.

  • Revamped railcar

    Allan Sibley



    Upgrading a 4mm Lima GWR parcels railcar was going to be dead easy for Allan Sibley, all over in an evening. Well, that was the idea on Sunday, but by Tuesday...

    Detailing a Lima GWR railcar.

    Tags: detailing, DMU / Diesel Multiple Units, GWR / Great Western Railway, railcars, RTR / kit conversions

  • MRJ Portfolio



    S scale 'Rudgeley Junction' by Stan Garlick, 'Lydham Heath' by Barry Norman and 'Yaxbury Branch' by Jas Millham.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio

  • Confessions of a Happy Modeller

    Barrie Walls



    Barrie Walls, creator of that all-action 7mm layout ‘Wallsea Main’ describes himself as average, eccentric, a stickler for the rules, but above all, a happy modeller. We asked him for some random thoughts on the matter.

    Article on Barrie Walls’ modelling career and the building of ‘Wallsea main’. Includes pictures of modelled Cravens DMU.

    Tags: biography, DMU / Diesel Multiple Units, layouts

  • Southern Railway loading gauge


    General Assembly drawing of an SR loading gauge.

    Tags: drawings / plans, lineside details, prototype, SR / Southern Railway

  • Mineral Wagon Variety, Part 3 – repairs and rebuilds

    Peter Totman



    Peter Totman continues his exploration of the 16-ton steel mineral wagon’s complex family history and looks at ways of representing examples in 4mm scale.

    Tags: prototype, wagons

  • Flexible chassis for six wheelers

    Graham Overton



    Graham Overton refines some old ideas to provide a smooth and springy solution to the old problem of getting ‘rigid’ six-wheelers around tight curves.

    Tags: chassis, coaches, compensation / suspension