laser cutting

  1. paratom

    Laser cut track work.

    I have started researching the methods of track and point construction and hoping to embark on building an EM gauge layout. I have a large laser cutter and Templot on my computer and thinking of laser cutting all my track formations in .8mm ply sheet. The question is what is the best glue for...
  2. Giles

    Trade 7mm laser bits and pieces

    In a very small, kitchen table fashion, I am producing small items for detailing - mostly in 7mm, but can be available in other sizes (practicality allowing!) Packs include: Drain Grills (cast iron) Round Drain Covers (2' dia.) Gutter brackets Down-pipe brackets (two sizes) Cable brackets (two...
  3. david bigcheeseplant

    Aylesbury laser cut buildings

    [/ATTACH] I have been designing and laser cutting the three main station building for our clubs P4 model of Aylesbury. Each wall is made from two layers of 1.5mm Rowmark these are aligned using cocktail sticks through holes. The inner layer of each wall has larger apertures for the window...
  4. BrushType4

    Brushs Laser Cutting and 3d Printing workbench

    Hi Guys, Update - All my rolling stock is either S7 or in the progress of being modified. I got myself a GJH 7mm Polybulker kit at Telford last weekend. Have had a look and can't find anyone having already posted articles on building this kit so while I'm not any authority on building...