Adams T3


Western Thunderer
Working on the backhead now. Added glasses to water gauges with cuts in the back of the rod to represent the water tubes.

The water gauges look good and the cut seems to work as well as drilling through. I'll give that a go next time as I think it will be easier than drilling, especially in 7mm scale.

Fantastic model by the way.



Western Thunderer
Just realised I haven't reported in for almost 3 years!!!!! Well the bad news is that we still haven't finished the run of 5 production locos but we are not far away. There are now boxes and boxes of machined and fabricated parts but the main delay at the moment is the Brass etch sheets which should arrive any day.

The Steel laser cuts have all been cut out, machined, drilled and reamed where necessary, and assembled. Here is an example:

25 Eccentric straps.


Coupling rods being fluted:



Boilers built and hydraulically tested (only 4 as the prototype will provide the fifth):


And a host of items fabricated in Brass. For example Buffer stocks (not yet washed to remove oil and swarf:


I will try and post more regularly in future. It definitely will not be another 3 years!!

David Waite

Western Thunderer
Hi Thirtysecond
I have just read through your Adams T3 build, I must say “absolutely Outstanding workmanship“.


Western Thunderer
The Brass etch sheets have arrived (3 for each loco) 15 sheets in all. Every item now needs removing and the tabs linished or filed off. I have been at it off and on for two weeks now and am gradually getting there.

One of the 15 etches ( tender etch).........


.....becomes a tray of parts



Western Thunderer
There are three lamp sockets on the front of the smokebox all of which need to be riveted on (2 rivets per lamp socket). So how to get these sockets in exactly the right place on 5 locos? A jig obviously. Chris made up this jig from a 2" bar of Brass in about 25 minutes. It would have taken me hours if not a whole afternoon!B6C970C9-3A1A-49CE-9959-5958E2E236D9_1_201_a.jpegEBA953C3-3C03-4395-BDE2-2D7DF328B2B3_1_201_a.jpeg03E77D20-C423-4294-B66F-F0FD2BB11608.jpeg8BAE6122-F1FF-4136-A73C-2684EA95BE07_1_201_a.jpeg