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  1. Mikemill

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    This is Croft, my G1 GWR branch line layout. Unlike most garden layouts I wanted to treat a G1 layout as seen in the smaller scales. The layout is 30ft long by 2ft wide.

    As I prefer the earlier period of the GWR but there were no commercially made models available, so the entire layout is scratch built.


    P1070169B.jpg P1070170B.jpg 20150808_110718A.jpg P1070230B.jpg 20150808_113841A.jpg
  2. simond

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    Would “Wow!” be an acceptable response?
  3. john lewsey

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    Stunning Mike, absolutely stunning
  4. Mikemill

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    Thanks for the kind remarks and many likes of Croft, an appreciation of your peers is most welcome.
    Here are some more images of the layout. Leaving the station complex the line crosses a river, the bridge is inspired by the Victoria bridge on the Seven Valley Railway, and appropriately a River class loco is leading the train over the bridge.

    DSC_0001-004A.jpg P1070182B.jpg P1070188B.jpg P1070232B.jpg
  5. Threadmark: Loss of Memory

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    I heard on the radio the other day that people have been experiencing loss of memory due to long periods of lockdown, I think I am one of them as I have just realised that I posted a series of images on Croft in February. Apologies for posting twice on the same subject.

  6. john lewsey

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    You cant get too much of a good thing, and this is a good thing:)
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  7. Keith Phillips

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    That all looks truly marvellous. Was Watlington an inspiration for the Goods Shed?

    Looking forward to some more pictures.
  8. Mikemill

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    Yes, Watlington was the inspiration for the goods shed, I would like to model the twin gable station building at some point. I went to the Princess Risborough railway a few summers ago where they have rebuilt one of the station buildings in the same style, a very well preserved branch.

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  9. Joe's Garage

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    This is a very fine model railway, I can just imagine the sheer size of the locomotives. Gauge One at its best....

    Thank you for matter how many times!

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  10. Keith Phillips

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    My home ground before moving to Devon. I have a G1 line in the garden and would also like to have Watlington Station building on it. Such a pretty little structure.

    All the best,

  11. Mikemill

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    My aim in photographing the layout was to emulate real railway images, apart from the eye level viewpoint reverting to B&W helps to give an early era feeling.


    114609B.jpg 154602BW.jpg 20150808BW2.jpg
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  12. Joe's Garage

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    This is very tantalising......personally I think the 2 cylinder Saints etc were one of the most handsome steam locomotives ever built.....they truly must have been a beautiful sight in the early 1900s, my predecessors would have been on the lineside spotting them at lunchtime??
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....
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  13. FH47331

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    Would love to see more of the layout Mike. Simply amazing. Did you scratchbuild all the locos? How many years has this take you so far?
  14. allegheny1600

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    This is simply sublime and I love it.
  15. Bazzmund

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    Nice to see a fellow pre grouper at work. Particularly like Armstrong, she's a little beast!
  16. Mikemill

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    Thanks for the kind comments.

    I wanted to treat a G1 layout as in the smaller scales, and as I prefer the pre grouping period of the GWR there were no commercial items available so I would have to build all the engines and rolling stock.

    I bought a CNC milling machine which proved to be invaluable and eased the task. After learning how to use the CAD, CAM process I realised I could use the mill to make buildings as well as stock. To date the layout has taken five years to build.

  17. FH47331

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    Would love to see more of it Mike, you have made amazing progress in five years. Excuse my ignorance, but what does a CNC milling machine do? I am assuming it is to do with cutting metal?

  18. Mikemill

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