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  1. 28ten

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    Yes it was withdrawn in '73. I have just checked Curtis and 1020 had the final overhaul in December '71. It went blue on 29/11/67 and looking at those shots it shows :)
  2. Dan Randall

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    The frontal view seems to indicate that there are two seperate coat hooks on the bulkhead door. I only fitted one to "Rifleman"..... :(

    Great find by the way Cynric. :thumbs:


  3. Jordan

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    Love it..!! Here we are all going on about the paint, and the real super-detail addicts are checking out the coat hooks.... :D:D:D:p
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  4. Phill Dyson

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    I noticed the coat hooks too :oops::))
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  5. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    Are they plain metal, or painted:)
  6. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    My money's on painted - there's at least one coat on each hook! :))

    I'd better get my coat I suppose.....


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  7. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Well, the cab windows are pretty big and these details stand out. ;)


  8. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I hadnt noticed :oops: I had put the coathangers down to urban myth, I dont recall seeing them on 1010 when I was in the cab
  9. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    Marsa where's all of the faded in the washing machine jokes your slacking mate:p
  10. Dog Star

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    If you run out of test pieces there is always the header of the WT home page....

    The reaction to the photo suggests that "Hero" was probably unique and at the upper end of the washed-off and grottiness scale which makes me ask "why?". If the condition of the paintwork is the result of time between re-paints and number of trips through the carriage washer then how come other Westerns were not in a similar condition?

    Or maybe Hero went longer between re-paints... or maybe Hero was the Laira equivalent of a Nag for the carriage sidings.

    regards, Graham
  11. lancer1027

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    Hero was painted into blue livery during the Swindon Works visit between 13/10/67 and released from the works 29/11/67. She did'nt enter the works again until 1/12/71. She was released from the works 12/4/72. She never had a Laira re-paint. Withdrawn from service 4/6/73 but her last day in traffic was 17/5/73.
    So she ran for 4 years approx , without any works visits or re-paint,hence her poor condition.

  12. Pennine MC

    Pennine MC Western Thunderer

    I'd hesitate to say 'unique' Graham, but probably pretty bad by '1000' standards (although many Warships also got pretty manky at this period, and I do STR seeing a pic of another blue Western with maroon showing through).

    Its VB only status would have become restrictive once airbraked stock started to proliferate, possibly that meant it wouldnt be as favoured as a DB loco.