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  1. LarryG

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    He has lived with us for three years. His two juveniles are here now as well, so I have taken an interest in the species. They remain on the back lawn in summer, knock on the back door at our meal times and step into the kitchen. I have stuff on YouTube. I call Mary Ethel....
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    Hi Larry , thats an interesting wheeze that the juveniles have . As we live next to a state forest we have Kookaburras visit us regularly and they bring their young to visit , i think its for the free feed actually but we have had upward of 20 at a time .
    Cheers Paul
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    We seem to have adopted the local blackbirds to our back door for morning oats and crushed cornflake breakfasts. Mrs. Blackbird has become the most demanding, we anticipate she will be knocking on the glass with her beak to remind us to scatter “their” morning sustenance!

    The clutch of 5 goldfinches are more wary as are the great tits, but we do have a territorial robin that looks after us. The Welsh one used to fly into the cottage in Borth y Gest, quite fearless. Hampshire birds may be a little more carefull.

    Merry Christmas, Larry and Mary!
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  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    Better make sure they haven't read this....

    DduM Apple Tree.jpg

    Which includes this story....

    DduM Birds.jpg
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    Paul (Focalplane), All the very best to you and your family over the Christmas break and throughout the New Year.

    I did a bit more on the road bridge yesterday, but it was all wrong with the pillars protruding so much into the pavement...
    WEB Bridge new 7.jpg

    This afternoon it was dismantled so that the pillars above the road line could be reduced to half their original thickness along with the capping stones. Maybe this time it will get finished....
    WEB Bridge new 8.jpg
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  6. LarryG

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    Watched "Shout at the Devil" last night, which is what I was doing at the bridge earlier in the day! It was being designed and pulled apart as it went along. My thanks go to members who follow 'Bethesda Sidings' for providing me with useful dimensions. WEB Bridge new 9B.jpg
    With normal viewing, I cannot see the underside of the bridge, hence no detailing required...
    WEB Bridge new 9C.jpg
    PhilH had been using some foamboard for his backscene so I cadged some off him. The road surface and all the back of the bridge is built from foamboard glued together with UHU Woodglue. The metal platework will be glued in place after the brickwork has been painted...
    WEB Bridge new 9D.jpg

    There will be a different backscene than that shown once layout "assembly" starts in earnest...
    WEB Bridge new 9E.jpg

    A general view of the layout components. I have never done one this way before, but I now consider this is the best way (for me) because it leaves the track configuration fluid until the very end...
    WEB Bridge new 9F.jpg

    I trust everyone is having a great Xmas day. :thumbs: Back to the hot stove now ha ha....
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  7. GrahameH

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    Nicely done Larry, the use of foamboard is exactly how I made my bridge and its both light, stable and rigid.

    Merry Festives to you and your good lady.


    p.s. I hope this one's a keeper !!!
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