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Steve Cook

Flying Squad
Evening All.
New section for signalling created as an add-on to the permanent way section.
I have added two new prefixes for you to make it easier to differentiate - you can also choose one of the scales if the question is model orientated rather than prototype.
Any problems, please give me a heads up - I have left a re-direct message in the original forum section which will disappear in a few days.

Dog Star

Western Thunderer
I have added two new prefixes for you to make it easier to differentiate...
Please explain the quote... I thought that the above would allow me to be able to select either S&T or PW and then to add an appropriate scale. Unless I have made a mess of selecting from the pull down menu I think that I cannot mark a post as, for example, "4mm S&T" or "7mm PW". If the software allows just one prefix to be selected then the options going forward are not as useful as we had when the sub-forum was just for eg. PW.

What stops the members from having two, independent, sub-forums? (one for S&T and one for PW).

regards, Graham

Steve Cook

Flying Squad
Hi Graham - I have just added Permanent Way and Signalling as prefixes which weren't available before - you can choose those or scales. I agree its a small compromise - don't forget that one can always be more prescriptive in the thread title...

Creating another independent sub-forum is more involved as we (admin) have to specify various forum nodes / parent child relationships / posting privileges etc which stops it being a quick five minute job.

Lets see how much traffic is generated by the signalling prefix and then work out if it requires a separate section. Arguably we already have quite a few sections, some of which see little to no use so I'm less tempted to add extras.