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  1. Mudmagnet

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    I have been building a shortened version of Buxton depot in 7mm scale, with the office building on the opposite side. Now nearing completion.

    The main structure is 40thou plasticard, i.e. inner and outer walls with 80thou spacers with apertures cut for the two main side windows. The internal and external walls being clad with South Eastern Finecast plain brick (I prefer this to the Slaters brick and comes in larger sheets. The office is a series of 40thou boxes. The roof is also 40thou, with corrugated profile sheets.

    Painting of the brick work is is using acrylic paints (Warhammer / Games Workshop), with a couple of shades lightly brushed over the brick surface and allowed to dry before adding the mortar colour. The roof was sprayed grey, before painting the brick work and then grey paint lightly brushed over. Then using Warhammer shading paint (Agrax Earthshade).

    More to follow.

    Buxton 16 sml.jpg
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  2. Mudmagnet

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    The main side and roof windows were 3D printed on my filament printer. The photo has a little distortion, but they are straight!

    In order to fit onto the printer bed, these are printed in sections, so left hand / right hand and the centre cut to length to suit. These are glued to 40thou clear acetate sheet.

    The smaller office windows are cut by hand from 10thou plasticard. If I have several windows to do, then I would cut these on my Silhouette cutter, having first made a 2D CAD drawing and exported as a DXF file into the Silhouette Studio software.

    The louvre door and double doors are also 3D printed (filament). The roof vents and telephone bell are 3D resin printed. I've only just bought the resin printer (Elegoo Mars), so still on the learning curve!

    more to follow.

    Buxton 26.jpg
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  3. BrushType4

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    I'm looking at the Elegoo Mars2 or new Saturn. Are they good?
  4. Al Tait

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    Looking forward to seeing some of the content of this shed!!
  5. Mudmagnet

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    I've only been using the Elegoo Mars for a week, but so far very pleased. After a little setting up - I initially had not levelled the build plate correctly, the test prints worked well. My own prints work OK, although I do need to tweak a few settings / supports to get the best result, but a learning curve. I had read a few reviews and watched a couple of YouTube videos and this printer has some good feedback.
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  6. Mudmagnet

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    The depot has been finished and taken a few photos outside, the grass is a little out of scale though!

    The internal framing is also 3D printed.

    20200922_134232.jpg 20200922_134232.jpg 20200922_134632.jpg 20200922_134714.jpg
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  7. AdeMoore

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    Quite brilliant top work Richard. Will it go to an owner with a thread anywhere? Be interested to see it in situ.
  8. NHY 581

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    Oh......that's very good indeed.

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  9. Al Tait

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    I do like the disused overgrown look inside the shed!!!
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  10. Allen M

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    Is that an illegal "weed" growing in the shed? I a police raid likely?:(
  11. Mudmagnet

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    Following on from the Buxton depot theme, I've made up a set of fuel equipment, again in 7mm scale. Largely made up of 3D resin printed parts.
    Fuel kit 1.jpg
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