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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Marc Dobson, 22 July 2020.

  1. Sarah Winfield

    Sarah Winfield Active Member

    Did you receive a reply from Slaters, Mwfanwy?

    Has anybody received a reply from Slaters on anything?

  2. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    I've previously tried to contact David by email. I've talked to him in general at exhibitions. Neither elicited any what you might call "enthusiasm". Having failed to receive any reply to my nth email I phoned. I had a really good response, and his staff are amazing and amazingly well informed, particularly the lady or ladies who answer the phone. I spoke to David at length about a project to use one of the milk wagon underframes for a planned ro-rail milk tanker. He spent a lot of time working out what I'd need and identifying the parts.

    Unfortunately David doesn't "do" emails. He says that he doesn't have time. I've also had a "deep and meaningful" conversation with him about Slaters insulated hornguides, as the new type are simply not adjustable. I couldn't change David's mind about the suitability of the new version but he offered to produce a batch of the old version if I could get enough people interested which, in my view, was a positive reaction. That fell by the wayside because there is an alternative available now.

    Now, maybe it shouldn't be so but that's the way of things and I, personally, am very grateful that we have Slaters for all they do for us. That's not to say that everything is fine and dandy because it's not, but it must be worth a phone call if there's an issue to address. If that fails I'll climb back inside my bubble and not say another word.

    I wish I could offer some suggestion about your Slaters build but it's not a prototype or model about which I have any knowledge or experience. This is a frustrating experience, I'm sure, and I'll be interested to hear how a phone call goes.

  3. Sarah Winfield

    Sarah Winfield Active Member

    Unfortunately, not everyone is confident at talking on the telephone and I for one find it extremely difficult to put my explanations or requests for help across.

    Notwithstanding that it is extremely rude to just ignore a plea for assistance with something appertaining to a bought and paid for expensive Slaters kit.

    I still haven't completed either kit and they are not a good advert for Slaters models.

  4. Mwfanwy

    Mwfanwy New Member

    Hi again Sarah, still no response from Slaters. I shan't use them ever again!
    I'm going to make a new chassis out of brass channel and have a go at new running gear from Peter Korzillius. If I decide I still want a rake of milk tanks I will scratch build them. I suspect it will be like beating myself with nettles all winter.....
    Take care .........Mwfanwy
  5. Marc Dobson

    Marc Dobson Western Thunderer

    Up date on the new range. I have just completed the design for 2 types of LYR 1 plank opens, North Staffs 1 plank, Furness 1 plank, LNWR 1 plank and a LNWR 2 plank. just need to prove the axle guards. I'm hoping to have the first prototypes ready by the end of November in time for charismas.

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  6. Sarah Winfield

    Sarah Winfield Active Member

    Hi Mwfanwy. I am afraid I had to order some sets Slaters wagon wheels not knowing who also supplies Gauge 1 wheels. They are for some Ken West kits I am building and quite enjoying them too.