Old Parrock

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  1. PaulR

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    Everyday I get nearer to finishing, but I never quite get there. I feel that I entered the Cameo competition as a hare but finished as a tortoise. This layout has taken 18 months longer than anticipated. However, railway modelling is about satisfaction not speed and I do feel a great sense of satisfaction with Old Parrock. Yes, there are things I would do differently, but that's for the next project.


    The station and covered lever frame are now complete.

    Photo 95.jpg

    The porter dozes in the afternoon sun, but no-one will worry about that...

    Photo 99.jpg

    ...because everything is a bit sleepy.

    Photo 96.jpg

    The coalman's cart needs weathering, there are passengers to paint for the carriage and I need to finish the fiddle yard. Three locos need crews and one needs couplings.

    Photo 97.jpg
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  2. AJC

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    That's glorious, Paul! The right side of chocolate box.

  3. Richard H

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    Stunning! Simply stunning! Such a convincing, verdant landscape. I first 'discovered' Sussex at the end of the 1960s and I was left with a lasting impression of a fertile landscape and a cultural continuity with ancient roots, and a visit last year confirmed that impression yet again. Since the 60s I've enjoyed Sussex-related things such as Kipling's evocations of the landscape and history of Sussex ... and now you've created something that has a similar effect. Congratulations!
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  4. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adam. There is the worry in the back of my mind that it's just jigsaw fodder!
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  5. AJC

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    Just keep the diecast bus in its box and you might just get away with it. ;)

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  6. Simpas

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    Very atmospheric - lovely.

    Mick S
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  7. PaulR

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    I've been making wagon loads.


    I've also made a set of scales and weights for the coalyard out of Plasticard.

    Little details like these are great fun to work on.
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  8. john lewsey

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    Paul this scene is quite frankly delightful
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  9. NHY 581

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    What a lovely looking model railway.

    That is spot on.

  10. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Old Parrock was completed in May, just before the shed got too hot for the summer. I've had a few months with little railway modelling but a lot of thinking and planning - is any hobby better for dreaming than model railways! I've also made some changes to the shed and the cameo is stored away in the hope that one day I'll get the chance to take it to an exhibition.

    I've been working on some Roxey Mouldings Stroudley four-wheel coach kits. This is part of a master plan to change the layout's period to 1900-1910, my favourite era. They look a bit raw at the moment. The idea is to run these behind one of the Dapol terriers. I looked at the Hatton's Genesis coaches, but decided that it's more fun to make things even if you can't quite achieve the factory finish.

    coach build 10-09-20.jpg

    coach build 10-09-20 - 2.jpg

    I'm also working on a LBSCR brake van.


    Given that we can have no idea when we will be able to have exhibitions again, I've decided that any layout I build now must have the ability to remain set up at home, and should be fun to play with. With that in mind, I'm planning a new project and having a break from the 'Brighton' - this time it will be Edwardian GER in EM Gauge. This little beauty was a GER 209 Class before it became a LNER Y5.


    It's going to be fiendish - I can't wait!
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  11. Dog Star

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    Please remember to announce your first outing here and in plenty of time to re-arrange domestic intentions.
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  12. AJC

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    Oh good, I shall enjoy the High Level Nielson vicariously; lovely looking thing. I've told myself that I need to finish at least a couple of things before buying anything else, loco-wise.

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  13. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Things are gradually moving in the right direction. I'm just about to start on the interiors. Edwardian seated passengers are in the post. Then I have the roofs to do, and the most exciting and daunting part of all - painting.

    My skill at soldering up etched brass kits is slowly returning after years of neglect!

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  14. AJC

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    You sell yourself a bit short, I think; your soldering is much neater than mine! I don't think that I've seen a properly modelled close-coupled rake of 4-wheelers before (someone somewhere will have a full rake of North London Railway coaches, I'm sure...).

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  15. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Many thanks for that kind comment Adam.

    Old Parrock is getting a bit of exposure on 24th October. It is featuring in the Oxford and District Model Railway Club's virtual exhibition: OXRAIL2020 I've made a couple of short films for it (do I really sound like that - good grief!) and I think I'm involved in a Q&A session during the day. Must get a haircut...
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  16. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer


    And features in LB&SCR Modeller's Digest Issue 12... lovely photographs. Please be sure to post details of the first outing of the layout.

    regards, Graham
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  17. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    And it's a excellent read! Thank you for the kind comment, Graham.
  18. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    This is the little film about Old Parrock that I made for the virtual Oxford Model Railway Show in October. I think it probably shows the entire range of activities that the layout is capable of!

  19. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    A very nice video... accompanying music seems appropriate to the era.

    Nice milepost, such a typical-WT-off-topic discussion that one.
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  20. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Total joy and absolutely beautifully observed scene of the Weald, took me right back to my childhood. Well done indeed Paul.
    Best wishes
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