1/32 Python P14's

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    Very nice Dave, it's coming on a treat. GWR brown will really set them off.
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  2. Dave Bowden

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    More work completed on P14's 1 & 2.

    On P14 (1) both ends now have had their Hips details added and then under coated, followed with one coat of top coat.
    Both vehicles have got end stops fitted on the Buffer Beams, (I've left one unpainted so you can see them clearly) and etched Lamp brackets. The Hinges, rivets & Lamp Brackets can be seen in post #12 on Page 1
    No.1 also has etched door hinges fitted.

    Next job is to add Zinge Industries rivets to the sole bars where needed before painting them black.
    P14 1 & 2 End Views_1.jpg

    P14 1 & 2 End Views_2.jpg

    P14 1 & 2 Side Views.jpg

    P14 2 Door hinges fitted.jpg

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