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  1. Dikitriki

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    A commission build of the Finney7 T3 in LSWR 1912 ish condition, again radio controlled. Pretty topical given the Swanage Railway's drive to get the original in steam again. I know there's another one being built on WT so I shall try not to duplicate to any great extent.

    I start, as do the instructions, with the bogie. This is a necessary part of the chassis set up as the bogie pivot is the 3rd point of the compensation system.

    Here's one of the bogie sideframes:



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  2. Pencarrow

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    Very nice Richard, when are you adding the solder... ;-p
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  3. Scale7JB

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    It's the perfect filing of the cusps that blows me away more than the lack of solder..

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  4. Steph Dale

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    I thought it was an inappropriate divestment, I now know it was inappropriate. They can't store it under cover and how much of the loco's original substance will be lost in the process of 'restoration'.

    A shameful episode for one of our national museums.

  5. Martin Shaw

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    Whilst I don't disagree that the process of deaccession of an item from the collection by the NRM has been done badly and in far too much secrecy, they do have a quite a few pregrouping 4-4-0s, and there are two in another collection here in Scotland. I sort of understand why they might want to thin things out, not withstanding the museum world has in my opinion has largely forgottem what a museum is for.

    Provocatively though, if 563 is restored to running order, what do you consider will be irretrievably lost in the process, and how much of it is "original" anyway?
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  6. Steph Dale

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    That's part of the problem - it's actually pretty close to original having never steamed in preservation (in fact not since 1945) worth noting she was preserved by the SR in 1948; she's actually been in preservation longer than she was in service.

    Surely, it made more sense to move into private ownership and steaming a loco that has steamed in preservation (e.g. MR 1000, GCR 506, even the T9) and then to an organisation that has the facilities to store it under cover and/or run it with appropriate rolling stock?

    It does explain why they were so cagey when I contacted the NRM a while ago trying to find where she was so I could photograph her.

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  7. Andrew

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    Sadly Steph, you are absolutely right. Not long after it had been delivered, I went down to see it (full of excited anticipation) and found it parked up in a siding at Corfe Castle and completely open to the elements. To my dismay, the loco was already in poor condition and I was genuinely shocked at what I saw! My fear, like yours, is that the guys at Swanage may not be capable of 'sensitively' restoring it to its full victorian beauty.
    I sincerely hope that I am proved wrong.


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  8. FuntleyWorks

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    Hello Richard

    Duplication isn't a problem when it comes to admiring your work! I do have a couple of pics of this seemingly rarely photographed class that I have managed to find that I can share with you. The 1900-1910 years seem to have found them being very random with differences!!
  9. oldravendale

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    563 - LSWR.  Clapham Museum.  21 August 1965.  Copyright Brian Dale.  FINAL - Copy.jpg

    Just for the record......

    Here's a photo of 563 in the bad old days. Clapham Museum 21 August 1965.

    Sorry for the thread hijack, Richard (something of a diversion at least). But I agree with all the sentiment expressed.

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  10. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad


    Some more work on the underframe.

    I attached the hornguides/blocks to the chassis mainframes separately, and then built the chassis. It all ended up true first time.



    I have left off the intermediate spacer as I shall be putting inside valve gear in, and hope to make it detachable as I did for the Radial.

    The bogie has been completed.



    This is needed to set up the compensation at the right height. I faced off the extended axle ends in the lathe, and carefully reamed the axle holes until one side could be twisted on/off so the wheels could be removed for painting. It appears as though the front and rear stays are not soldered in....I've just realised on seeing the photos that I forgot to solder them in! It does show just how good a clip fit they are though!

    There aren't many LSWR photos are there, not even in the Bradley books. I don't know whether to make fluted or plain rods. I would be very grateful if you would email the photos to me. Many thanks.

  11. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    The Bradford Barton book on Adams locos is useful for photos. I'll have a dig for you later today.

  12. 2-Bil

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    Period photo on Charlie Verrall-Flickr in his LSWR album (page 2) Engine 571 in LSW livery at Nine elms shows fluted rods.Hope its of use.....
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  13. AJC

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    This one you mean?

    LSWR T3 571 at Nine Elms

  14. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Lovely photo, thank you both.

  15. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Superb photo. Certainly the best I've seen of one in late LSWR condition, with the Drummond chimney and Urie lining.

  16. FuntleyWorks

    FuntleyWorks Western Thunderer

    Another picture of 571. Slightly earlier than the other as it still has the chains in the bufferbeam. Can't remember where I got it!

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  17. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad


    That's got the equalising beams but no tail rod covers, and still has both whistles; early 1900s.

  18. FuntleyWorks

    FuntleyWorks Western Thunderer

    I think the tail rods disappeared very quickly. Stove pipe chimney still to.
  19. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Yep, having the brass beading, brass numberplate and full double-lined Drummond livery is another clue to date. I reckon very late 1890s.

  20. FuntleyWorks

    FuntleyWorks Western Thunderer

    Just make out it has the steel roof to