Scale7 JB Workbench.

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    WOW!! That is tidy work. Respect!

    Regards, Rob.
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    Thankyou chaps..

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    Up next the very distinctive compensation beam and leaf springs. All very nice castings as would be expected. Only downside that the spring retaining straps were too short so had to be remade from strip.

    All of the pins on the whole assembly needed to be pivotable to be able to remove the axle boxes if required which took a little while but with a good dose of chemical black all worked out nicely.

    C32C20BE-74D3-415D-979D-D71BDCB1E6FE.jpeg E3B7B8E0-1785-42C2-90C8-02F2B9A56476.jpeg

    With that done, the engine looked like this.


    Then taking the time to get the chimney in the right position and upright before a good session with a microflame to solder it in place.


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    Then, to jump ahead a bit..

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    John Birch put me onto this page. It’s great to see another Peterson 12 built and running. It’s a great kit. The YouTube video posted earlier is actually mine. I also have made a few modifications.

    Updated video also.

    Linton Towell

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    Sorry, some more photos.

    The original Slaters wheels were a special order and most of David’s stock is now gone I believe.

    I had the original wheels turned to S7 by a fellow in the UK. After the wheels coming back to Australia not machined correctly, then going back to the UK, only for them to show up again un machined, I decided to turn the wheels myself.

    I then had Mark Wood cast 12 class wheels in cast iron for me. They are a thing of beauty. I was not keen on machining cast iron on my beloved Myford so had a chap in the UK machine and mount them on axles. He did an incredible job. Top notch work.

    The Model is running a Loksound 5 with Tangband speaker in the boiler. I recorded locomotive 3016 here in Australia and built the sound file.


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