Side Lines LMS Coaches and Haywood GWR Coaches

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    As noted on my Princess Coronation thread, I am taking a few days rest from Finney7 complexity. I re-opened the box of the Corridor 2nd Period III Porthole coach this evening and cut the plasticard partitions and seats. This is going to be a nice addition along with the Corridor Brake 2nd. No doubt more will be done tomorrow.
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    More was done yesterday, including completion of the base frame. Acid Etch primer was applied late last night with some touch ups needed later today. On the body side I added the water filler pipes to both ends (this coach has two toilets) but still have a few additions on the ends to complete.

    The next step will be to spray paint the base frame in Satin Black and then hand paint the seats and interior walls. I use maroon acrylic for the seats (2nd class) and a "non-descript brown" or "dirty cream" for the walls. and partitions. As I don't intend to fit interior lighting the interior will not be all that visible. (As an aside I will be removing the light strips from my Dapol B Set and AutoCoach, the latter when I repaint it crimson - I have a print off of LarryG's go-by for this).

    One of the brake blocks has come undone on the painted bogies. If there is one thing I don't like about Side Lines kits it is the way the brake blocks are fixed. The design is OK but my fingers are not agile enough to always make for successful soldering! It looks like it will be CA glue to the rescue.
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    The 2nd Class Corridor Porthole coach body just received its acid etch primer (in the cool of the garage) and posed for a quick photo upstairs:


    The frame and interior are already painted, so what remains will be sides (red primer followed by maroon), ends and roof followed by the finishing touches. I shall leave the interior in light grey primer to allow some light to reflect on the seats and partitions. If the weather continues I may get some paint on the body tomorrow. I have also done some preparatory work on the Princess Coronation's motion (while waiting for paint to dry!)

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    This is how I paint the bodies. I do the sides first, applying a thin coat of Halfords red primer as a base for the top coat. On these coaches the top coat is Railmatch maroon from Howes. Next I do the roof, using French bumper spray in one of several grey shades. When this is done on each side of the roof I remove all the masking and brush paint the ends in satin black. Finally I carefully scrape paint off the door handles, hinges, handrails, etc. I am half way through this routine so a photo will follow tomorrow.
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    And the results:



    No windows, brass handles, etc. but getting there. One vacuum pipe has gone missing and must be somewhere in the railway room. The choice of interior colours may look a little strange but once the windows are glazed the off-beat colours should reveal why I chose them! Essentially to bring out some detail, nothing less.

    Not the best time of day for photography.

    Remaining tasks include, in this order:

    • Find lost vacuum pipe, if possible, and install
    • Select running number and add with lining, etc.
    • Apply varnish to the coach sides and ends
    • Fit corridor connections
    • Fit clear and opaque glazing where required
    • Fit couplers (MagClic at both ends for this one)
    • Fit body on frame
    • Enjoy!

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    Update: I can't find the lost vacuum pipe. I am going to place an order with Side Lines next week for another kit and extra spare parts. I am back on the Princess Coronation for the time being.
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    I have placed an order with Malcolm Binns for several small packets and to make the postage worth while also added a Period III Open Third/Second to diagram D1999. This will be a second coach of that design in the rake. I missed the fact that postage just went up at the beginning of the month but the parcel is making good progress, it is currently in Paris Roissy, though that is often where parcels get held up. Carlisle to Paris took less than 12 hours!

    Malcolm, as always, responds to emails quickly and the transactions go through smoothly. It is undoubtedly a reason why I like Side Lines kits!

    I think there will be one more coach kit to make up the Birmingham Scot rake of 8 coaches but I can't find the piece of paper I wrote it all down on. I also have ordered two Dapol Mark Is in maroon so in theory I will have the option to run 10 maroon coaches behind a BR green loco - my favourite combination. So imagine this, the DOWN train pulls into Crewe behind a Jubilee, immaculately turned out, then on comes City of Birmingham from Crewe North shed to take in on to Carlisle. All I would need is a scale model of Crewe! That's where imagination will have to take over.
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    Thanks for the low down on painting of these Sidelines, it's just what I need. By the time the weather gets warm enough here to paint I should have completed the four I have in build at present

    I do like that Porthole as it is very distinctive, might have to invest in one of those. Also if I can get the artwork finished I might be able to start building my 12 wheel First class sleepers to hang on the back

    Forgot to ask what prep do you do before the primer or do you just let the etch do its thang
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    Sorry to be tardy in replying, Alan. I have been busy! I do a lot of cleaning. I use Cif products, both cleaner degreaser and more recently their stainless steel cleaner. It seems to be important to rinse the coach in hot water. I then place the coach in the oven set at about 50°C to dry it quickly.

    If you use Acid Etch spray, LarryG recommends priming in cool weather so the etch process lasts longer. Top coats need warmer, less humid, conditions as you say.

    Hope this helps, Paul
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    Have you experienced a GWR coach kit Paul? I could etch any of my 4mm range in 7mm scale following the necessary alterations to CAD's, but it is barely worthwhile if I only build one or two coaches, hence my query. Nevertheless, some very nice lost-way bits and bobs for GWR coach ends have just arrived from CPL Products in case I go down the etching road.
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    I have two GWR kits from Haywood Railway. I started one of them and found the parts really didn't fit too well, so I sent an email with 11 "problem areas" and asked if there was a solution. I did get 11 answers but put the kit to one side where is still is! I don't think there is anything wrong with the kits per se, however, there is quite a bit of scratch building that has to be done. It's too bad Side Lines doesn't have any GWR coaches to build.

    To answer your question, it's too early to say, but if you have choices for your new project, do let me know and perhaps we could double up?
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    The two GWR kits I have are for Corridor Brake 3rd D127 and Corridor Composite E162, both built in the Collett era.

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    No point in making work and expense for myself so I will be trying a kit out sooner or later.
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    The two Haywood coaches I am starting to build while under self isolation were delivered in January and have sat in my "to France" stash during the past few weeks as we moved house. Now a basic tool kit has been ordered and a start has been made. That is, I have opened the boxes and perused the instructions. Expect some serious work to begin in a day or two.

    The coronavirus disaster has taught me a few lessons about the luxury of having homes in two countries. The one that applies here is that in future I will double up on a comprehensive workshop facility. The new house (assuming we are able to buy it later in the year) has a garage and a large attic, so there will be room for both heavy duty woodwork and metalwork tools and a modelling bench. (The attic was configured during construction 6 years ago and has no need of future planning permission to be converted into additional living space). But that is still some way off in the future.
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    Well, plenty of time to chronicle the build, so first of all, open one of the boxes - the two kits are identical.


    The kit is comprehensive, needing only solder, paint, transfers and glue to complete. Put another way, the wheel sets are included. The kits are therefore a little less expensive than others but make up to a similar standard of finish. The sides are pre-formed with the tumblehome and the one size fits all floor can be easily trimmed to match the scale length of the coach. The only riveting required is on the buffer beams and this has been done using a bradall I happen to have to hand. The instructions are easy to follow and a sheet of colour printed compartment photos and mirrors is included.

    Why these coaches? Research shows that in the late 1950s, toward the end of steam haulage, the demand for commuter traffic in Warwickshire was changing. Most First Class passengers were switching to cars, given that Birmingham had achieved "motor city" status. Up until his death in 1956 my father had always used the train from the Lakes Halt to Moor Street, but before he died he recommended that my mother should learn to drive, so my own family certainly joined in the rush toward personal transportation. Actually, I am not sure my father even used the First Class option, but clearly those that did were no longer as keen to travel by rail. The upshot of this was that the make up of the trains switched from B Sets in 2s, 4s, 6s and 8s (depending on the traffic needs) to a B set plus an all third non-corridor coach. So the Collett C43 kits have been adopted to fill this prototypical need. When DMUs were introduced they had the same 3 car arrangement.

    The three coach rake also fits the shortened platform lengths, a major compromise in the layout.
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    I spent this afternoon preparing the brass etches, using basic tools to hand. Notably a pair of medium strength pliers, a file that is part of the Leatherman knife I keep in my car, a medium sized box cutter blade and a bradall. Now waiting on solder and iron to start building the two coaches.
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    Good to read you are back modelling again. I had to read through the thread again to remind me where we were after nearly 12 months break ha ha. Good luck with the O gauge coaches. Glad I don't have to build any now.
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    Thanks, Larry, the restricted set of tools doesn't seem to be slowing me down much, in fact all the basic fettling has been done, using the Leatherman pocket knife. Once the soldering iron arrives (no word as yet) I'll make good progress. Building a batch of two does seem to be more efficient.

    I rather think I am going to need some more kits before this pandemic is over. Too bad I have a lot of half finished projects that cannot be accessed until it's all over.
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    Heard from Derek Russan at Eileens Emporium this afternoon. The 40 watt iron is now a 30 watt iron, but should still be enough for soldering the coaches. The 80 watt is also sold out which would have been my first option. Now the package is due to arrive sometime Thursday so soldering will commence thereafter.

    I have been looking at other kits and really cannot bring myself to start another major kit with so many half started/finished projects. That attitude could change, of course. One that did seem appropriate was the Finney7 City kit, now ready to purchase. As a proud drive and fire apprentice on City of Truro on the GWSR back in 2007 it would make a fine display model and as it was once displayed at Moor Street. . . .

    Looks like I might be self-convincing!
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    I recently bought an 80W Ersa from RS. Might be a bit OTT but seems to do the business.

    RDS 80 | Ersa RDS80 Soldering Station 80W, 230V | RS Components

    got a fine tip for electronics and a couple of chunky ones for brasswork - haven’t really tried the latter yet, but the heat-up time is staggeringly quick.

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