7mm The Derby Line: Basford North

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by dibateg, 30 August 2013.

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    Thanks JB
    Well, I totally miscalculated the goods yard road - more like 1 in 5! So out came the plans and saws and now its more like 1 in 8 - still a little steep, but there is no more space. As I have curved what is in real life a straight line, that has shortened space on the inside. Anyway - that's better... there was a retaining wall anyway for the double track embankment.
    An overall view sets it in context. The shark fin is to stop the lifting section crashing back wards on to the storage yard.
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    Looking good Tony,

    Building in 7mm is certainly an eye opener when it comes down to what fits and what doesn't. At least we have Templot to help us out there, although not when it comes to any gradients.

    I can still remember bringing my latest plans for my dream layout to show you guys, only to get shot down in flames at the reality that I would need the size of the Albert Hall in which to fit it all in :rolleyes:.....

  3. dibateg

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    Thanks Martyn -
    Yes - Templot is an excellent tool to tell you what you can't do! I've had to make loads of compromises, despite the space....

    If I can get the scenics to look as good as yours, I'll be well pleased..

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    That's a fine view developing - although the Shark fin is a little incongruous to me. I was wondering if you could arrange a similar locking arrangement by adding a length of wood to the lifting section that extended under the fiddle yard. Then when lifted that would extend downwards and then catch on a bar across one of the support legs. Following on from that you could then provide some springing to balance the load of the lifting section and put a pad of rubber or soft close mechanism in so that if it does get knocked down it doesn't crash land on the other section of the layout.
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    Regarding the electrical connection on the lifting section, I used the sprung terminals from an old lamp to supply the power across the lifting section. I have wired it so the track goes dead a metre each side of the section when lifted for obvious reasons. In the photo you can just make out the two brass contacts that compress the old lamp connectors when the section is in the down position.


  6. dibateg

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    Thanks Adrian -
    that's the problem building a layout in isolation - no one to bounce ideas off. That gives me food for thought...

    Good idea Martyn -
    I've already planned the isolating sections - I like your idea.

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    The cork is now down and the plans laid out again, there is plenty of open space, I want to try and create the feeling of the railway in the landscape. I was fretting about the width of the station boards and working on them - but they are designed to come apart so they can be shifted into the middle of the room to be worked on. The backscene will be attached to the wall.

    I'm glad I made the boards strong enough to withstand my weight. Here's the view looking 'west' to the station, with the Bulwell Common line coming in from the right. Weights are holding the newly glued cork down. Lines here, from left to right:- headshunt, down from Bagthorp Jn, down from Daybrook, up to Bagthorp and Daybrook - that seperates later off scene.
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    Having wrenched my back using the rotovator yesterday, I'm spending some time having an easy day planning the control panel and signalling. I'ce come up with this rough plan. Lever numbers are based on the original box.
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    I worked out today that the goods yard approach road can join Vernon Road off scene by curving around more tightly. That means it can be much more tolerably graded.

    Meanwhile the first point is made up, this one will live on the lifting section and really be off scene. I'm using 31.5mm track gauges. It has an alarming crossing angle of 1 in 15... It made a good practice piece to restore my track making skills, as it is some time since I made up some track, in 7 and 4mm...
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    1 in 15 ....! Gosh don’t you like a bit of flange squeal :eek:.

    Looking good.

  11. dibateg

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    I've completed the turnout assembly for Babbington junction, the next job is to install it on the lifting section> I can then start working out in either direction laying track. it's been a good exercise to get back in to it.
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    Well, 10 years in the planning, I finally have track fixed down... I have been inspired so much by the efforts of other modellers and their layouts, it is time to try and catch up although who knows if I'll get anywhere near to the excellent layouts I've been following, but I'll give it my best shot.

    I've begun laying in Babbington Junction aka the start of the storage sidings. The critical task was to cut through the turnouts with a piercing saw and then fix everything down, ensuring that is all lines up. I've started laying in the plain track, which is not all fixed down yet.. Rather than having it all offscene, I thought it would add additional operational interest to represent Babbington Junction - even though it was only for a colliery branch. Although I'll be using it for all traffic.

    The bridge is lifted - and propped by a scruffy piece of wood. Lets hope that alignment is stable over the next few years... I checked that the Tortoise would operate the turnouts before I glued them down. Nothing is final, anything can be changed...
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    Like that!!

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    The point work looks very nicely done
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    I don’t think you need to worry about the layout being excellent Tony. Your plans are extremely exciting, the layout is vast and if this junction is a taste of things to come then Basford North will tick all the boxes and become one of the great layouts I’m sure:thumbs:

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    I updated the link to Anthony’s layout. I’m not sure it’s not too late, but his solution to the lifting section is worth reviewing, I think.

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  17. dibateg

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    Thanks Chaps

    I decided to start with the most difficult and critical part first. I've been involved in layout building groups all my adult life, but never built a layout on my own, so sometimes I'm thinking, I haven't a clue what I'm doing here! So I spent a lot of time measuring and checking position of the Templot printouts before finally marking it out to cut. Then I put the whole assembly across two Workmates and gently made the cut - only to be interrupted half way through! I advised that I was concentrating hard..... and needed to be left alone.... Actually it has been quite stressful as I am so determined to get it right. I know that's nothing in the current situation and its always possible to repair/renew - its just the time.

    I've been known to take soldering irons, slitting disks and blowtorches to finished models ( for repairs or modifications ) and that can be a little nervy - especially if they belong to someone else. I put that down to experience rather than nerve...

    I have been a little stuck on how to proceed, but have come up with a plan now. The Templot plan will be glued down with PVA ( tests have shown that although the paper wrinkles up a little at first it settles down overnight ) and for the moment I will pin the track down with track pins. They will be removed after the track is ballasted. That will allow for testing and adjustments. The storage yard will just be pinned down after marking through the Templot plan rail positions.

    I was going to use wooden sleepers on the scenic turnouts, but they are just over half a mill thicker than the track sleepers so I'm not sure what to do there.

    The storage yard is plotted out with some custom points to save space, but I will utilise as many Peco points as possible in the design ( which has been evolving as I think about train movements ) as a time saving measure.

    More to come, especially if it rains...

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    Hi Tony,

    I can relate to your tales of woe above, what you think should be an enjoyable experience can turn out quite stressful in our endeavours to get it right.

    I used Peco flexitrack and copper paxolin sleepers soldered to rail turnouts in the storage yard, and found I needed to do a height adjustment between the Peco and scratchbuilt turnouts. I used 2mm thick cork roll to bring it up to rail height, I had used 1.6mm sleepers rather than the 3.2 which were also available at the time :rolleyes:, you live and learn.

    Keep up the good work,

  19. dibateg

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    Thanks Martyn
    Yes I have a similar problem, the wooden sleepers I have are 3.2mm thick and the track is 2.7mm. I'm still pondering how to resolve that one.

    It was time for a break from the garden and track is now extending in both directions. One session was really just measuring and checking alignments in the storage yard, just to make sure I'm not going off at a tangent! In the next session after snagging, I shall start putting in droppers and wiring up.
  20. richard carr

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    To adjust the height of the track I would pack it with some 0.5mm plastic card for about 2 or 3 inches before the join, that should look nice and get the rails to the right height.

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