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    Hello, I am the owner of the LUMSDONIA Railway Company. A fictitious railway with a very real website Lumsdonia.co.uk, containing the architecture of the grand plan and some (hopefully) useful guides and tips on railway Modelling. I know very little about railways (although I have travelled on probably half the Heritage lines in the country) but as an Engineer, I have lots of electrical experience and have done railway modelling most of my life. I have a very minor YouTube channel too, just to share my workbench projects called TimberSurf's Channel

    My favourite period is late steam, green and blue Diesels, no interest in everything else since!

    My involvement in another forum and my unusual (for my age) dexterity with PC's and the web (I have had a website for 20 years) has led to the development of a website for my musings and general spasmodic updates about my layout. But over the last year or two, it has rapidly become a Model Railways resource of info! I also have a complimentary Youtube channel (please subscribe as I have half a dozen projects in the pipeline) , mostly about investigating new animated features for my layout.

    Sections include my layout, guides for beginners, ever expanding "How to's", tips, glossary and guides and even a shop section of FREE downloadable pdf's

    Only two sections of the layout in UP4CS have been built so far (12ft x 2ft) with the 8 carriage station and TMD. Lot's more piccies of the build in the Gallery

    Across the junction.jpg

    Sandycombe West view.jpg

    In the absence of a room (house) big enough to take the full layout, I am building up my techniques by investigating cheap alternative construction materials and making buildings/animotion/diorama's that can be integrated into the master plan later.
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    Wifey et moi, went to the Wigan Fine scale exhibition. Not disappointed, some great layouts with fantastic detail. Lots of traders, so picked up some bargains as you do and some missing colours of paint for the production line.
    I took some video on my phone (so rubbish quality as usual), anyone recommend a good blogging DSLR? I am looking at the Canon EOS 200D but I am having difficulty swallowing the price! :(
    Here is a taster, lots of O gauge in the video for you big guys ;)

    Wigan 2018 bridge.jpg Wigan 2018 garden.jpg
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    Having taken some rubbish video at the Wigan exhibition the other week, I decided to buy a better camera, a superdooper DSLR [​IMG]
    One of the cool features is stop motion, so as ever, game to try anything, have a peek at my first attempt!
    It's set on part of a 600mm x 400mm diorama I am building (an exercise in testing out my scenery building skills) and is an ideal subject to practice my photography on.
    The diorama is a windmill and barn that has been converted to a holiday let, set on a hill with a Styrofoam base that will eventually be incorporated into my layout.

    It will feature a 3 motor driven working Windmill, 4 sets of independently controlled lights and realistic smoke!
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    Ah - but will you be able to pour wheat or corn into the top and mill it into flour...... it'll make a change from coal hopper loading and discharging.
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    Eeerrrmmm.... I could scatter some white around the doorway? Great Idea, I 'll watch you make one first ;), as it was your idea! I wouldn't want to steal your Thunder (pun intended)

    Here is a snippet of whats to come, a working car arriving for his Holidays
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    I am branching out (pun intended [​IMG] ) into video versions of my webpage "How to's" [​IMG]
    With a new found confidence in the output of my new super camera and some tripod/clamp/bencharmyajigs, I have documented one of my more graphical methods of tips - How To make removable loads (semi-auto). It has taken a lot of editing. I doubt I am up there on Luke Towens level, but its a vast improvement on my earlier vids and hopefully more of a useful tutorial rather than my previous, 'look what I did' type.

    It's a learning curve!

    Please, please, give me any feedback, I cant improve rubbish, if I don't know it is! [​IMG]

    P.S. If the music 'dose your'e nut in!' (as some biased peeps have mention) please let me know!

    How To make a removable Mineral Wagon Load
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    Clear and concise visual, please check your spelling in the captions - hint, "intil".

    As for the music, not a fan of the style although better than listening to my son's computer games.
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    OMG! Keyboard finger slip!
    So glad you found my deliberate mistake :thumbs:;););), shows your paying attention LOL
    You will be happy know I have composed a new piece of music for the next video, that you will hate even more!!!
    YouTube does have a mute button after all!
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    I went to the Wrexham Hobbies and Model Railway Show today. I took some video and loaded to Youtube, but as usual, it was a buying session. These days I don't tend to buy much at shows, I have enough rolling stock, so it is usually more the modelling side I pick up. This year I found a few bargains. Some coaches that are for a (secret) scratch build project, at £3 a pop and 120 metal wheels loose in a box for 30p each! [​IMG]

    Result!!! [​IMG]

    That means I think I now have enough wheels to electrically light my whole coach stock!
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    I was watching a video on youtube of a really great layout , when it twigged it was a live broadcast. Being Saturday, it then twigged that it was not far from me and open on Sunday too!
    So I went!
    Even better in person, so here is my video, but YOU are too late to go! :p

    Alsager Model Railway Exhibition
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    A Merry Xmas and a Happy new year to you all

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