G3 Mid Wales Railway Brake Van/LBSC 4 ton ballast wagon.

Discussion in 'G3' started by Arty, 12 July 2018.

  1. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I've made quite a few of David Mills "Sixteen Mills" laser cut 10mm kits. So a very short run of the MWR brake was sort of commisioned by a few G3 interested parties.
    So the 3mm MDF sheets appeared.
    The slotting and laminating worked very well, the fit being excellent.




    The roof skeleton, all halving joints, again went together with no problems.

    Although the parts include laminated axleguards, which work very well in the 10mm version, I decided to use Williams Models running gear, providing sprung axleboxes and Slaters wheels.
    The brake gear supplied, although cut mdf, fitted very nicely.


    So far I've progressed up to applying the strapping, laser cut in thin card.
    Next on the list is bolt detail and handrails.
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  2. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    That looks excellent. What year is this as I see it has dumb buffers?

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  3. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    That really is very nice
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  4. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    I suggestyou hold fire Jon because one of his next wagons is rumoured to be early LBSC.
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  5. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

  6. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    Those look like wooden brakes to me even though one can only see the bottom section.

    I've looked at the website and there is a two plank ballast wagon which I was thinking of scratchbuilding anyway. I've sent an email asking for more information. I hope it's the correct address as he has written it out rather strangely.

  7. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Having seen it in the flesh yesterday, I can confirm its a very nice kit of a lovely prototype. The half lap joints in the roof construction are very impressive and allow the centre section to be removed as Rich has built it. In fact, the whole kit looks to be well thought out and accurate in terms of construction - I certainly think it will be worth keeping an eye on the manufacturers website for new products / temptations :)
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  8. Ian_T

    Ian_T Active Member

    Already doing so.... :)

  9. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    I saw the G1 versions at Peterborough, and have been trying to persuade him to blow up his early LNWR stock to G3, without much success. Unless anyone else is interested?
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  10. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Gauge 3 ... LNWR ... errr, how could I refuse!
  11. lankytank

    lankytank Western Thunderer

    Indeed.... what’s not to like.....?? :)
  12. unklian

    unklian Western Thunderer

    Bears more than a passing resemblance to one of these methinks ......
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  13. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    I like that he has pre-scored the edges of the chamfers on the outside frames
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  14. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    The laser scored chamfer lines were really useful, with a round needle file I took off the edge within the lines. Although MDF normally doesn’t “file” very well, the cut line gave the 45deg angle a hard edge.
    I also took the ‘arris off all the sharp edges, I think it gives a better appearance for a timber built vehicle.
  15. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I forgot to say that I filed the chamfers on the outside framing before it was laminated on the main body
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  16. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    12E23B9B-3920-45BC-B67A-EA4C1507795F.jpeg These interesting projects just keep appearing, David Mills has cut some of his 4ton ballast wagons in G3.
    Just couldn’t resist putting one together, there will be a rake of 5 eventually, but as they will need a bit of extra detailing, I’ve decided to make some patterns and cast the body strapping and bolt detailing in resin. The thought of adding all the bolt heads separately fills me with dread.
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  17. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    While I think MDF is better for vans, I much prefer ply for open wagons. But that does look quite neat.
  18. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I’ve had a few issues with ply in the past, especially when it’s unsupported equally as in opens. I’ve always found MDF pretty good in that respect when it’s sealed, although the dust is a problem when sanding etc.

    So I’ve done some hinge/ ironwork patterns - a bit of mouldmaking next.
  19. Jon Nazareth

    Jon Nazareth Western Thunderer

    I've bought two of the LBSCR ballast wagons from David as well. I'm collecting the extra bits and pieces together before I make a start.

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  20. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    Jon, I've got to order a few bits to complete the 5 wagons, I see Mike W does some LBSC axleboxes.