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MRJ Issue 75
  • The '517' class at work - Part 2

    John Copsey


    Concludes the article begin in isse 74 looking at the work of the 517 class, bringing the story from the mid 1920s until the last withdrawal in 1947.

    Tags: 517 class, locomotives

  • Great Western Countryside


    1928 photo of Widecombe-in-the-Moor from the GWR's archives.

    Tags: photos

  • A start on the railway

    John Chadwick


    John Chadwick recounts some of his experiences as a cleaner, then fireman at Oxford.

    Tags: engine crews, Oxfordshire, personal reminiscences

  • Callboy memories

    Bob Crump


    A short piece looking at the role of callboys.

    Tags: personal reminiscences

  • Southcote Junction Pumping Station


    2 views of Southcote Junction with accompanying commentary, one showing the pumping station, the other showing the signal box.

    Tags: buildings, permanent way, photos

  • Shunting at Devizes

    Bill Crosbie-Hill


    Devizes was a rather interesting location, being quite a large station on a fairly minor branch line, but one that saw a small number of both through passenger and goods movements to and from Paddington in addition to local traffic. In Journal No.27, Bill Crosbie-Hill recalled his memories of the station on a wartime Sunday, and now turns his attention to goods and shunting work in the yards during the same period, movements that became so familiar to him during that era. Again, it provides a fascinating account of the way the Great Western operated its traffic, and enables us to record the information for posterity.

    Tags: branch lines, goods yards, personal reminiscences, railway operation, Wiltshire

  • The standard load and structure gauge of the GWR

    Mike Christensen


    An aspect of operation s we haven't yet broached is the load gauge, which determined the safe dimensions of any load to be carried on he railway, and the structure gauge which permitted such loads to pass without physical interference. Mike Christenson discusses the relationship, and details the means of adjustment on other than straight or flat trackwork.

    Tags: loading gauges / structure gauges

  • The GWR's Articulated Main Line Coaches - additional photos

    John Copsey


    Following on from the article in issue 72, John Copsey presents some photos of these coaches in their post-articulated condition.

    Tags: coaches / carriages

  • Oxford cross-country traffic in the 1960s


    Three colour photos taken at Oxford during the 60s - SR 'West Country' no.34042, 'Grange' no.6831 and 'Hall' no.6923.

    Tags: locomotives, Oxfordshire, photos