1. Pencarrow

    Signalling Polsarrett S&T

    Morning all. There's discussion on another thread about creation of a stand alone signalling thread. In the meantime it was suggested that signalling queries could go into the PW area. So... Polsarrett is my unashamedly not really prototypical foray into building a small cameo layout in 4mm...
  2. Pencarrow

    4mm Polsarrett: BR(S) N Cornwall Clay, The Final Countdown

    So... Work is 'fun' and I'm not finding quality time to work on Pencarrow. So... When I found some ply and some bog standard code 75 Peco when renovating the train room storage cupboards, I started thinking. Something small, chuckable in a car and quick to build. RTP and kit buildings - an...
  3. Bill Bedford

    Trade Mousa Models

    I've just put up a new website, and the idea of this one is that it will only contain models that I can produce in a reasonable time. There is a redirect from the original site, but it may give a 404 if you are expecting a particular page.
  4. Lyndhurstman

    Trade Five79

    Hello Just thought I’d pop this here for all those not following the ongoing resurrection of the Chivers production on the Five79 Facebook page. HOME Watkins Wharf has already taken delivery of one of these: RC465 and the mouldings look crisp and neat. More when we get a moment or two to...
  5. Mike Trice

    Mike Trice's 4mm Workbench

    I thought it about time I posted something on here showing what I am up to. I don't tend to model very often being involved in prototype research and occasionally producing artwork for the full size railway. In the past my modelling projects have been described in detail on RMWeb and include...
  6. Richard H


    Introducing “Craster” After withdrawing “Low Quay” from the cameo competition I reflected on what I had achieved, what I had failed to achieve and why, and what I had learned in the process. Participating had re-affirmed my interest in fine-scale railway modelling but also demonstrated the value...
  7. Silver Sidelines

    4mm Silver Sidelines

    I have been playing with model trains for ever. I started with Triang and Hornby Dublo, had a family break and returned to Airfix and Mainline. My current layout dates from around 2005 and is an attempt to recreate scenes from my train spotting days in short trousers. Some of you may...
  8. Pushpull33

    LSWR Terrier No 734 4mm scale

    I thought it was time i posted something other than in the 'Cameo Competition' section. Some time ago i purchased an LSWR Terrier, an old Ks white metal kit that somebody had previously built. It was a none runner but the painting and lining on the body was superbly done. The whole kit looked...
  9. NHY 581

    Sheep blokes weathering.

    Morning all.. I thought I would, from time to time, post some images of weathering. I generally use just Humbrol weathering powders, sealed with Humbrol acrylic powders when done. The only paint that is used is the Humbrol Dark Earth aerosol sprayed on the underframes of some of tge wagons...
  10. TimberSurf

    LUMSDONIA ¦Layout and Website Intro

    Hello, accidentally found this site the other day. I am the author/owner of the LUMSDONIA Railway Company. A fictitious railway with a very real website Lumsdonia.co.uk, containing the architecture of the OO Layout grand plan and some (hopefully) useful guides and tips on railway Modelling. I...
  11. Mark Tatlow

    Scaleforum 2018 - 22 & 23 September

    Scaleforum 2018 Stoke Mandeville Stadium Guttman Road Aylesbury HP21 9PP Saturday 22nd September – 10:30 to 17:30 Sunday 23rd September – 10:00 to 16:00 Advance Ticket holders admitted 15 minutes earlier Details of what layouts, demonstrators and trade can be found here Advance...
  12. ChrisM

    Bottom Works Sidings - An industrial what if.

    Hello everybody, Hopefully you don’t mind me jumping straight in here, rather than heading through the new members section, but it made sense to keep everything in one place... so by way of an introduction, I’m Chris, half of the double act that put together the various bodgings that appear on...
  13. Pushpull33

    Exton Quays

    A possible competition entry ? Starting with, how the layout came into being. Hope you are sitting comfortably as i think this may turn into a long post. Some years ago, i visited a local exhibition. After talking to one exhibitor, i was invited to come along to one of their club days. This was...
  14. Aussie_CrocHunter

    4mm GWR coach kits

    Should the Ratio 4-wheel GWR coaches be gloos or matt? I'm not exactly sure. I tend to think things look better matt or satin, but should the brown or cream (or both) technically be gloss? I don't know. Any help would be appreciated!!
  15. d827 kelly

    4mm Small P4 terminal - BR (S) 1960s

    The below is a bit of a reposting from over on RMweb where I first posted it and edited as appropriate. Key Points: Mid 1960s BR Green/Blue changeover period. Set more towards the Western Section of BR(S). 3rd rail electric EMUs Oil depot, goods shed and house coal loading Possible military...
  16. Lyndhurstman

    Trade (4mm) Knowle Wagon Works - 2mm Brass Bearing Tool

    Hello, I searched for this over here, but couldn't find it.... This is from Tom Silsbury (TTTE) over on The Other Place Knowle Wagon Works - Smaller Suppliers I'm pleased to announce the availability of my brass bearing tool suitable for 4mm modellers, following approval from the moderators...
  17. AJC

    Website EM Gauge 70s - April Update

    The latest high quality modelling from Kier Hardy and friends (Karl Crowther's coal drops are especially nice I think). EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects Adam
  18. Dan Randall

    EM Gauge '70s - March Update

    It's that time again. Here's some more EM gauge inspiration for you.... EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects Regards Dan
  19. simon.bolton

    Simon's Stuff.

    I'd thought I'd start off my first proper Thunder-thread with a picture of the most recent items to escape my work-bench. First is a P4 LSWR G6 built for a friend and beautifully painted by Warren Haywood; when I build my 7mm X6 I want it in that colour. And then there's my 7mm Ford B0-Bo...
  20. allegheny1600

    THE Christmas Model Railway show - Manchester 2015

    Our next exhibition will be held in the Barnes Wallis Building, Manchester University Northern Campus (formerly UMIST) on Saturday 5th (10:00 to 17:30) and Sunday 6th (10:00 to 16:30) December 2015 To mark its 90th birthday year, the Society has decided to return to the city centre and to its...