1. simond

    3D Printing - whether to buy, what to buy and how to use it?

    Following John Baker’s kind offer to 3D print the tanks for my model, I’m really intrigued by the process & possibilities. John uses an Elegoo printer, I’m interested to know what others have, what their impressions are, etc. I am seriously tempted! Also, the process, there seems to be a...
  2. Rob Pulham

    Rob P's Silhouette Cameo Cutter Workbench

    Hello all, My birthday has a come a couple of weeks or so early this year. - Chris has bought me a Silhouette Cameo cutter and because it arrived and the warranty is now running she decided to let me get my hands on it early.:thumbs: I am not sure if I should place this here in CAD Corner or...
  3. BrushType4

    Brushs Laser Cutting and 3d Printing workbench

    Hi Guys, Update - All my rolling stock is either S7 or in the progress of being modified. I got myself a GJH 7mm Polybulker kit at Telford last weekend. Have had a look and can't find anyone having already posted articles on building this kit so while I'm not any authority on building...