1. Dave Holt

    4mm Holt (ex-Delph) - A P4 layout under construction

    With my loco construction (currently rebuilt Royal Scot 46109) having run out of steam for the moment, I thought I might post something about my P4 layout. Actually, I'm not sure this should be here as the section is called "Layout Progress) and the layout hasn't made any progress for some years...
  2. Leander

    ‘Virtual’ expoEM Spring 2021: Saturday 22nd May 10.30am - 5.30pm

    In view of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions on social interaction that are likely to remain in place for the next few months, it will not be possible to hold expoEM Spring in its usual format for the second year running. Instead, the EMGS are going online to host a 'Virtual...
  3. J

    Bodmin General (1955) - P4 layout progress

    I recently threatened to post some details of my under-construction model of Bodmin General on here. The initial evolution of the layout has been the subject of a thread on the Scalefour Forum but I thought I'd widen the audience and try and be more disciplined about updating progress. Having...
  4. PJBambrick

    Kingswear for Dartmouth

    A new website to catch up with progress on 'Kingswear for Dartmouth' in P4. We'll expand it as the job progresses, but there's already some interesting modelling to see, and some of the research is included to provide background info. Hope you like it so far........Kingswear P4 site
  5. L

    Lanky - the nut - dough

    Good morning, and reight good it is to be here. I’m a Yorkshireman, or more correctly nowadays, a Northumbrian, for I’m living in what we now call Northumberland, though I have documentary evidence that the old kingdom of Northumbria included Leeds so I claim the best of all worlds. No...
  6. ullypug

    Ullypug's Tales from the Tinking Table

    Morning all. I thought I'd put details of what I'm working on presently. Don't quite know when the modelling bench got christened the 'tinking table' but it was some time ago. Anyhow, this is what it looks like in its tidier moments. Last off the production line was this Bachmann 2MT tank...
  7. G

    Queensbridge Road Wharf

    I started this layout just after the Cameo Competition was announced last year. I've only recently joined this forum but I wanted to share my efforts. I find that different forums generate different responses to the same material. Please forgive the copying and pasting, after this post I'll...
  8. Dave L

    Dudley's Coal

    Hi, all. As the Competition has been on going now for a few months I thought it was about time that I started documenting my entry. Preface My entry, 'Dudley's Coal' is a small P4 layout set in the early 1920's in the Black country, the layout is based on the railways of the Earl of Dudley. The...
  9. d827 kelly

    4mm Small P4 terminal - BR (S) 1960s

    The below is a bit of a reposting from over on RMweb where I first posted it and edited as appropriate. Key Points: Mid 1960s BR Green/Blue changeover period. Set more towards the Western Section of BR(S). 3rd rail electric EMUs Oil depot, goods shed and house coal loading Possible military...
  10. d827 kelly

    4mm Woolwich/Charlton (Working title) - P4 - 1980s/1990s NSE

    Thought I'd make a topic for the layout now something is starting to happen with it (there planning and thoughts stuff over on the blog on here too). The most recent entries below: Key points of interest: NSE 1988-1994 era (initially) SE London area (Woolwich/Charlton) 3rd rail electric...
  11. Len Cattley

    4mm Brassmasters Black5 and Jubileeee

    I have been finishing the tenders for these loco's. Here is a picture of one of them. Just got to make the other one.
  12. Lyndhurstman

    4mm Jan's 4mm Workbench
    Threadmarks: 13T 5 Plank Open (Unfitted) M407580

    Hello Dear Reader/Insomniac, Welcome to my virtual workbench. Please wipe your feet. Would you like a cup of tea? You are cordially invited to: leave now with your sanity intact stick around and partake in the joyous expose of ignorance, ham-fistedness and crap puns that make up the...
  13. david bigcheeseplant

    Manning Wardle Wheels

    I am building a RT Models K class Manning Wardle, and decided the Gibson wheel were too chunky, so I drew up and designed my own new wheel centres had Modelu 3D print them for me. The wheels are fitted to Exactoscale tyres. My whhels have the correct ten spokes and a 2mm axle. The attached photo...
  14. Len Cattley

    4mm P4 2 Brassmasters kits

    I have two Brassmaster kits a Jubilee and a Black 5. I will be building the Tenders first both will be sprung.
  15. James

    4mm How to be a Good Son in Law - A 57xx for Christmas

    See how my first thread goes... My personal layout project is based in North Lincolnshire in the early 1990s, 1992 to be exact. It based on the North Lindsey Light Railway (a little known branch which ran north from Scunthorpe towards the River Humber) and I've amended history just a tad; this...
  16. iak63

    Padgate Works

    Some current stuff in the throes of being built... PO wagons in the process of being detailed up - more beckons here... Next! This ex SNCF 16 tonner awaits its tarpaulin rings..... Yes this is 4mm. Wibble!!! And finally.. Decrepit auld LMS/BR 3-Plankers in the paintshop...
  17. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow's layouts

    Greetings, all. I thought I would introduce myself here, by way of a brief view of my layouts, both completed and under construction. I appreciate that I am probably sufficiently infamous on other forums, but here goes anyway: Engine Wood Firmly set in W.R. territory in North Somerset in...