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    I think you're right about everyone enjoying this competition (which is part of what it's about I think) I do like the result that you've achieved - a proper cameo - lovely...!

    Mick S.
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    Thanks for all the kind remarks from everyone.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed myself building the layout. I tend to be a creature of habit but have learned alot from the project, trying out new methods and ideas. The mechanism for the sector plate is one and the smoke generator for Odams chimney was another. In Fact the whole concept of a 'Cameo Layout' is new to me. I have seen plenty at various exhibition in my time and have always thought, One Day!

    We have had a few interesting moments, one was filling the lounge with a strawberry flavoured mist while experimenting with the smoke machine. I needed to turn the layout on its back on one occasion forgetting that there was still a tin of Humbrol 113 on the layout, the sky backscene became a very nice rusty brown colour, EEK! My heart sank in realisation.

    I'm sure that there are aspect that Iain Rice may not agree with, Cobalt point motors for instance or Sprat & Winkle couplings, i have used them a lot in the past and they work and are reliable, we get on well with each other. At the end of they day it has to work.

    The only aspect i am struggling with, and i get the impression that other people are as well, is the, "viewing height"
    so this is my take on it.
    Please note that these are my views on the subject.
    Everyone is equal on there own prognosis of this long discussed, well documented and drawn out affair
    Are you ready for a science lesson?
    I have just looked it up and it appears that the average height for a man these days is 5Ft 10ins, average height for the ladies is 5FT 5ins. Mum, you never put enough manure in me boots then, when i was growing up!
    5ft 10, so, at least a rail height of 5FT yeah, that's not happening is it. I won't be able to see a dam thing. Forgetting the general public for a moment.
    I think this is more relative to the person operating the layout comfortably. I am 5ft 4ins in height so not the tallest of people . A Two day exhibition, its good if you can sit down from time to time. I've even had a little experiment of sitting on ones stool, quite a nice, comfy folding one at that, and measuring one's 'eye level', for me, this comes in at 4ft 3ins, ideally rail level needs to be just below this to stop one from straining looking slightly upwards all the time. I have come to the conclusion that my Rail level needs to be set at 4FT or 48 inches or 1220 of those 'mm' thingies. This means i can sit comfortably at the left hand end of the layout in front of the fiddleyard and see all that i need to see, interact with the viewing public without getting in their way, Nothing worse than having to say " excuse me mate i just need to push, pull or prod that switch down there" This is my prognosis on the subject. Men have backs that bend, children seem to love running around with these plastic stools these days and it just seems a good height for the ladies. I suppose we have to take one other thing into consideration, lets be honest, we are never going to please all of the people all of the time.
    Sorry for wasting anyone's time with these rambling. Its Saturday Morning, Raining and no Frasier on TV.
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    Lovely layout Colin.

    Very much a cameo and a fine example of same.

    With regards to viewing height, my layouts sit at 54ins at exhibition. Generally the comments made are favourable though inevitably and understandably it doesn't suit everyone.

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    You're exactly right about viewing height - it's a personal thing. I'm in that group who believe it should be higher rather than lower and one individual even went to the extent of taking a picture of me sitting on a stool at the rear of my other layout while I was exhibiting at Railex some years ago and posted it on his website inferring I was breaking the law, the man knaas nowt (this chap is ill informed) I have for some years carried a periscope and have a notice on the layout indicating it is available for wheelchair users and small children, indeed anyone who wants to use it is welcome. With this one single exception, as indicated above, in 20 years of exhibiting the periscope has always been well received. I find stooping to view layouts is uncomfortable and I tend to suffer back pain if I do so for very long, so many years ago, when I saw Wolverstone (I'm sure Iain will correct me if I'm wrong) being exhibited at what I regarded as a comfortable height for me and I adopted the concept immediately.

    With my Callaton cameo I now sit in front of the layout specifically with the intention of engaging with the public and I think it is a grand way to operate. I've just measured the layout standing on its adjustable Combitech trestles and the track height is currently 51" from the floor, even then it might be just a little low. I bought myself an IKEA folding chair and what a difference it makes having a seat all day. Incidentally, because my chosen scale is 2mil the chair is the largest thing I have to carry when taking it to shows..!

    Keep up the good work.

    Mick S.
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  5. Threadmark: Exton Quays and signals

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    In the bottom of my 'soon to be built' draw was lurking an MSE Lswr lattice signal kit. After spending Two to Three days building and painting the kit we have what i feel is a superb looking signal.
    It mated to a digital servo linked to a Heathcote control module with 'bounce'

    They take a while to set up, lots of buttons to play with. One word of advice i would give with these things (you might guess through past experience) set the servo to a minimum of movement before connecting the srvo to the signal control wire. Horrible things can happen.


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="MVI 0650 - YouTube" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Looks very good. I'm just concerned about colour, I do believe SR used grey not black. And possibly the lower 6 foot of ladder white. I'll have to have a read again, to double check.
  7. Pushpull33

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    Hi Peter.
    I did look into this and came across a disrepency, HMRS Livery book says black for first 6' post and grey for ladders. In the text it says a very dark grey and a light grey was unofficially adopted after 1936. In one I think you could be right that the black on the signal arm around the lenses should perhaps have been dark grey
  8. Pushpull33

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    Hi Peter.
    If you have found out anything I would be interested to know.
  9. Peter Cross

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    Just been looking at painting guides for LSWR signals. It seems the bottom should be black. But all the the other fittings including ladder, dark grey prior to 1936, light grey after this. Nothing about lower 6 foot of ladder being white. ( Must be me being mistaken).
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    I’m guessing that the lower 6’ of the ladder being white would be a result of air-raid precautions. Probably ‘39 or ‘40?

    The lower several feet of steelwork being black would surely be some kind of corrosion prevention, tar or bitumenous paint?

    Treat with caution, it’s all “guesswork”!

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    Its all guess work! The signal ladder is dark grey, also in the book it doesn't specifically say "The bottom Six foot" so guess work again? I have ordered parts to make a lower quadrant signal so, on Exton Quay it may get changed.

    The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy, what with a trip to Railex at Taunton with Parkstone last weekend.
    CParkstone's Railway modellers Blog: A trip to Parkstone
    And off to Poole exhibition with Exton Quay. this weekend, this will be its first outing so am looking forward in seeing what response it gets.
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    Hello Colin,

    You've clearly got to Poole because I've just seen a picture of a friend's daughter looking at it via Facebook! I hope it's behaving itself in public.

  13. Pushpull33

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    Hi Adam,

    It all went very well, thanks. Wow, Four hours and its already on Social Media LOL
    Exton Quay was received very well and has since been invited to appear elsewhere ( im guessing this is allowed). The Layout behaved itself well (although my kit built Adams Radial failed) and a good day was had by all.

    I came second according to James who organised a very good exhibition. Lets be honest, Bournemouth West was going to take some beating. In my defence, im not part of a club and have built everything myself.

    As this is the first 'Cameo Layout' i have built and the first layout that is operated from the front, a few observations were made during the day.

    A number of people commented on the fact of having someone at the front to talk about the layout rather than talking over or through a layout or some lighting rig. I personally found this more entertaining and felt more involved in the whole experience. The only downside to this was that it was hard to concentrate on running trains at the same time. I'm a guy and not good at multi-tasking.

    The female entity of the hobby were certainly more interested and intrigued by the scenery and detail than the actual running of trains. How long can you go without running a train, before the viewing public walk away, according to the stopwatch its around 6 minutes.

    I was asked on a number of occasions as to how the water effects were produced on the river and dock area. I think this was due to the results achieved on a certain programme that was aired on the previous Friday night.

    A fellow modeller, introduced himself as a tree surgeon and commented on how impressed he was with my Weeping Willow. Happy Days!

    I noticed a gentleman looking at the layout for quite some considerable amount of time, he then approached me and informed me that the ' AA' sign on the front of the Railway Hotel was not the right one for the era. After some research, he's right. I will take it as a compliment.

    How the mind works? One gentleman commented on remembering Exton Quay and seemed to remember having days out there. umm err.

    The viewing section of the layout at around 5 Feet long, so more than around 6 or 7 people crowded around the front of the layout can become a problem. You cant see what you are doing, its difficult to see whether your couplings are above your magnets for uncoupling especially when looking at an acute angle even with markers for where they are and, boy am i glad i added point routing LEDs to the control panel.

    All this may become easier the more i operate the layout.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a "Cameo Layout" at an exhibition (i had my doubts, i will admit) I have heard this said and discussed many times before 'There should be someone at the front of any layout to talk to'. If there is anything that i can take from this project this has taught me that this should be Mandatory Someone to discuss methods, ideas, reasons for layout existence and leave the operators to get on with the business of running trains.
    Have to go to work.
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    Thank you for the exhibition account, I'm sure there'll be some enterprising northern exhibition manager will clap eyes on this and you may come north to the land of the Prince Bishops sometime. I, for one, look forward to seeing Exton Quays at some stage where ever you might take it.

    Mick S
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  15. Pushpull33

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    Thanks Mike, well you never know.
  16. Threadmark: Rolling stock for Exton Quay

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    I thought i would share some of the rolling stock used on Exton Quay.
    I am trying to keep to kit or scratch built but some wagons are from the RTR box
    Adams Class 02 No 224 turned up at Exmouth shed from 1932 for shunting the Exmouth branch and Topsham Quay.
    Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit. All engines are fitted with one of Chris's High level gearboxes and mashima motor. This one has one of his new 120-1 gearboxes fitted, it crawls. Still have brake gear to fit and searching through the bible to check on Pushpull gear. The 02s are a minefield.

    Adams Radial 3125 we all know about these. the first kit i ever built way before Hornby or Oxford rail got there mits on the idea. Built from a PDK kit.
    A smallbrook studios kit. 20T ex Lswr goods brake van

    Just have to have one of these on a Southern Layout.Lswr goods Brake van Dia 1541 otherwise known as a Road van.

    I believe this is from a Falcon Brassmasters kit. i bought the kit a long time ago. it was a pig to build, the days before fold lines or tags and no instruction.
    In real life only one was ever built by the Lswr mainly for use on the Seaton branch. It survived into BR days. Can you imagine the amount of Cider drunk by the drovers on market day.

    And another 02, again a South Eastern Finecast kit
    Yes, another SEF kit, again built before Dapol got there mits on the idea.

    Not sure who's kit this was but there is a drawing of this gas wagon in LSWR miscellaneous wagons book and a cracking photograph of it at Exeter.

    This started life as the Hornby BR model before they bought the SR version out so, it has been repainted and renumbered plus a touch of weathering.
    Thought i would have a go at sheet a wagon in 4mm scale, its far easier on the real thing.
    Was this a Wessex Wagons production?

    A Roxey Mouldings Ex Lswr 48ft Tri-composite lav. One of the type that was eventually rebuilt on 58ft frames as Hornby have got there mits on. Seats still to fit. Wonder if anyone does a transfer or similar for the motif that was on the Lav window ? I have another of these to build.
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    Hi all.
    Thought perhaps it was time for an update. To be honest not a lot has happened on Exton Quay. I have been side tracked, what with Christmas, New Year, and a sad day a couple of weeks back when, i have had a long hard think about this, 'Pine Road' was sold and has moved to a new home with a new owner. In one respect this could be a good thing as it frees up space for me to start a new project, my first love of the LSWR. Pine Road was a massive learning curve, so who knows what is on the horizon (Charmouth????) . It has gone to a good home its new owner is going to put it back on the exhibition circuit so it would be great to still see it and perhaps have a play. I have also been building a Test track and of course the LSWR Terrier of which the chassis is running nicely . More here

    CParkstone's Railway modellers Blog: A Test Track

    And here

    CParkstone's Railway modellers Blog: Lswr Terrier chassis running

    That's all i have to say at the moment still lots of details to add to Exton Quay and i am not really happy with the crane on the Quayside. It is also booked to appear at Bournemouth Model Railway Exhibition on the 9th/10th February http://bmre.org.uk/ so thats another weekend taken up. Still, a few months to go before the deadline.
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    I don't know about the etched glass motif but the red 'smoking' and green 'no smoking' compartment window transfers are on the HMRS SR coach transfer sheet.
  19. Pushpull33

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    Hi Dave. Yes, I'm guessing you mean the Bullied loco and coach sheet, unfortunatly they are the later style 'smoking' transfer that was used from, i think, 1938 so, a bit late for me and i cant see them on the Maunsell sheet unless my eyes are worse than I thought. Sorry for the long delay in responding, just catching up on things. It's been a rather busy time and just arrived back from the Bournemouth exhibition where Exton Quay won 'layout of the year' award. While I am here, i would like to thank everyone for all the kind and positive coments recieved over the weekend.
  20. Threadmark: Exton and the competition

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    Hi all.
    Well after catching up on things, Exton Quay didn't make the final 8, I would like to congratulate the ones that have and hope to meet up with them in the future, (we could start up our own little 'cameo club') I also hope the ones that are not yet finished, the enthusiasm will not wane and they are completed. As someone else has mentioned, any thing that encourages the hobby has to be a good thing, so we are all winners whether you have participated or not, it means the hobby is still strong and more layouts to view and encourage others to have go.
    Well done all.
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