Flying Squad

Get out there and sell stuff....

PS Peter K is coming to Larkrail on the 23rd July with his latest Meisterwork, just thought I ought to tell you...

And they let you back in for free these days too:p


Western Thunderer
"Huzarh indeed Capt"

From your PS, best I come too. The Meisterwork is superb, I saw the canopy for the first time at the Leeds Show - awesome and totally barking.

After Saturday they might kick us English out!


Flying Squad
Just a note to say that the F7 web site has been updated with some news and a nearly full calendar. We are looking forward to seeing you at Kettering.
Minor pedantic point - I know we'd like to erase the last 2yrs of lockdown but putting the dates in as 2020 won't work!


Western Thunderer
I didn't need the italics:p

The Coffee cup software had all the buttons as a class, or some simlar term, of the first button and changing the first one should change all of them. Predicatbly it didn't and I had to change all 427 of the buttons individually. Doctor, I think I've got a tick.......... I may go for a lie down...