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Discussion in 'Workbenches, including workshop techniques.' started by georgeT, 12 September 2019.

  1. Muddysblues

    Muddysblues Western Thunderer

    Hi George, hope you are well ? what make is the 25 Rat kit ?

    Best regards
  2. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Hello Craig, lt's a 25/3 built by San Cheng in china, it's a commission and it will be in two-tone Green with red buffer beams.
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  3. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Painting complete, just needs some glazing and some Railtec transfers... DSC06795.JPG
  4. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    You've got a nice finish on that George. How are the WC's coming on?
  5. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Hello Peter, Hope you are safe and well, the class 25/3 was a lovely distraction from Bulleids all l seem to do is bullieds as l had built a Charlie (Q1) a while back, the three Bullieds are really coming on 34005 is almost ready to deliver and about 85% on 34077 & 35023.
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  6. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Finally finished the 25/3, so l have resprayed my class 31 into BR Blue as l had a can of Railmatch Blue in the drawer for ages, was amazed that it took the whole can to finish. DSC06800.JPG DSC06801.JPG DSC06802.JPG
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  7. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    DSC06803.JPG The 31 is waiting for a heavy weathering soon... DSC06803.JPG
  8. William Bath

    William Bath New Member

    Can I ask if you fitted the front bogie splashers to the WC please?
  9. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    No l haven't fitted them yet William...
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  10. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Getting things done on M/N 35023. DSC06804.JPG
  11. Mark Owen

    Mark Owen New Member

    Looking good George - can't wait to see it in action!
  12. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Thanks Mark, l have got the ole mojo back at last so M/N 35023 and B/B 34077 will soon be finished hopefully and then l can get back to my N15 and T9..
  13. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Getting on with the Bulleids.. DSC06805.JPG DSC06806.JPG
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  14. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    All looking good George, keep it up.

    Stay safe and well


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  15. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Cheers Mike, Stay safe Buddy..
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  16. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Back heads done.. DSC06807.JPG
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  17. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Bit of a Bulleid day today... DSC06825.JPG DSC06826.JPG
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  18. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Hi George.

    Love the Bulleid locos! Really smart looking.

    I was interested to see you used a RailMatch spray when painting your diesel loco. I tend to use Halfords spray where I can as I don't get on with airbrushes. Just wondering how easy/hard you found the RailMatch spray to use.


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  19. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Hello Mike, l usually use my airbrush with Railmatch paint, but bought the can a while back and thought l might use it on the 31, it took the whole can to cover in about three coats waiting about five minutes between coats, theres not a lot of paint in the can, Regards George..
  20. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    My mojo has returned at last and have finished the Bulleid pacifics…. DSC06827.JPG DSC06833.JPG
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