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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 9 November 2011.

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    Yep, definitely time for it to fade into obscurity (it's just a wagon for gawd's sake!), though TBH its swansong was requested and I was happy to oblige. I've just got to sort the springing out then fire up the airbrush and I can hawk one of Simon's S&DJ 2-plank wagons around the circuit for a few years...:drool:
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    Hi All
    Good debate around this subject and I admire Simon C`s tenacity in keep knocking at the G1mra door, however without trying to sound negative or disrespective to my mate Simon, when does this start looking like desperation for some acceptance by blind fools who have no real interest in the Finescale side of Gauge 1 . Most of the correspondence here is very detrimental to the Meths brigade just as they are probably STILL towards us. My first question to Simon, obviously we are aware of your objective/s, however after 12 years is it better to actually spend the engergy and desire you have and actually form you own society? Look at the people around you modelling 1/32nd, some may have joined the G1mra lot and then soon acknowledged that thier is nothing for them in belonging to this group (Different objectives) So with other people on this tread who produce Items in 1/32nd - John Dale, Fred Phipps (who has got Brian from Shawplan to produce Extreme glazing for his 1/32nd locomotives) did Fred need to be in G1mra to make this request - NO, and thats the point I am sure that looking at your own 1/32nd website I can see whats available you allready organise a model show, when does this become a 1/32nd G1 show open to all, You are trying to produce a Bubble car, Cynric has the 1/32nd bug and his skills on CAD I am sure in time will produce various items that we will possibly buy, to me, you,we allready have an embryonic group of like minded people, it just needs to be nurtured.
    If your view is by trying to change what G1mra is about and to encourage the traders to consider producing items in 1/32nd I am sure you do not need to belong to or play second fiddle to the G1mra crowd, However each to their own thats what they enjoy, live Meths steam on a roundy round at un real speeds, which is not for me I prefer to look at the magnificent scratch built wagon that Mr Dunkley produced, put that on a diorama say a weed ridden old siding and I could look at it for hours (sad I know) howvever this is what b1/32nd means to me, Look at what Cookie produced as a layout, what superb atmosphere, again I could look at this for hours, My own Worcester Road has been out on the Exhibition circuit and apart from Allan at the Yorkshire G1 group I have had not one bit of interest from G1mra, do I care of course I dont, the reason, because I do not need them, I get all I need by myself or belonging to this site accessing your 1/32nd site. Simon you are building a Garden layout, as said before you allready run a show I believe you are almost there in forming your own society which I am more than intrested in belonging.
    Thats my opinion which I respect might not be the opinion of others.
    Mr TV
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    With you all the way on that Steve. If they are not actively welcoming, why bother banging on the door?
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    I quite agree, and I think the direction that this conversation has taken is very clear. I intend to pursue the idea of setting up a "ScaleOne Society" in due course, all suggestions and expressions of interest welcome.

    Perhaps we could set up a separate thread for registrations of interest?

    I also wonder about closing down my FS32 group after directing everybody here - are you up for hosting the ScaleOne Society's online interactive presence Cynric?

    However, to briefly continue your analogy I think I'm in already the room and trying to open the door from the inside out - I guess it may well prove to be the exit:)) :))

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    Hi Simon
    Don`t forget your coat on the way out !! :)

    ScaleOne society ? is this the right name ? again this is subjective, is Worcester Rd scaleOne? Finescale wheels with a back 2 back 42.0mm with a 1mm flange ?
    Maybe you/we need to encompass 1/32nd modelling generally, those that want even finer standards thats fine, those that model 1/32nd and use coarse scale wheels that should be fine too?
    It surely about promoting 1/32nd modelling.

    I know Rob Fern from Plymouth way, has done a fantastic D63`er, D6333 in Blue Full Yellow, superb model, excellent weathering, however he has put coarse scale wheels on it for his garden layout, I can still look at it and admire his modelling techniques. I think we have to be careful we do not fall into the G1MRA elitist way of thinking.

    Here is a pose for you. Hyperthetically you produce your 121/122 bubble car kit, one person uses finescale or scale one wheels the other coarse scale, should we exclude the coarse scale modeller, no of course not, maybe promote the other option for him/her to consider, to me its about promoting 1/32nd, what is available and supporting one another, it can get very lonely in this scale.

    I am looking foward to others points of view on this subject.

    Cheers for now, I better get some modelling achieved as I have now completed all the chores Mrs Harrod has left me to do !!

    Mr Tiger Viking
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    I think Mr.TV is right, Simon; promote 1/32 modelling and be that broad church by encompassing everything from coarse through Fine to ScaleOne32. The real decision for your promotional material is whether to make a clear distinction between 1/32 and 10mm/G1MRA - or don't even mention them. My preference would be the latter; despite the common gauge it's a different scale and there's no need to smudge over the similarities...after all, you're not going to mention other scales are you? Although the amount of antagonism from both sides of the divide with P4 and S7 is greatly reduced from the early days, however much we try to ignore it the undercurrent is still there and it's flowing in both directions, even from people who weren't involved at the outset, and the batons of contention that have been passed on hasn't helped either cause. There's no need to stoke similar fires here; throw all the energies into positive promotion.
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    Yes, I know what you mean about 'Scale' in front of everything. The one thirty second? we could have Simon as Kitchener - your gauge needs you :))
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    There's bound to be various quips about needing all the help you can get!
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    The 0.03125 club?
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    In that case can I volunteer to be Baldrick ........... sorry ....flippancy ....... am on me way to the back of the class :'( I'd get me coat....but I've lost it :'(
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    The One32 Society?

    I quite agree with earlier points about "scale" versus "standard" and also, if/when this happens it will emphatically not be "in opposition" to G1MRA.

    Ah - a box from Lightmoor has arrived, it's book unpacking time:thumbs:

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    OneThityTwo a.k.a. The OTT Soc.
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    Another great thread in this area of the forum.

    I'm in agreement about a 1/32 scale society as against a purely track standards lead society.

    Track gauge and wheel profile is not critical for the growth of the group only an interest in 1/32 scale modelling be that active or passive.

    I take it that even those with an interest in 1/32 scale live steam running would be welcome as they don't necessarily have a true home at the present time because the scale is allegedly wrong. I'm sure that there are those who would like to run their live steamers at a realistic speed and even shunt with them (I want when I finally get a 1/32 scale steamer as I have no interest in loco racing)

    In the longer term such a group may well attract NG modellers who use 1/32 scale too.
  16. John D

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    So this will include all the G1MRA chaps with their Aster locos?...which, I'm told are to 1;32 scale but the ones that
    have got them keep quiet about this bit..... being a 10mm entrenched lot ;):)
  17. Simon

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    I would have thought yes, although as a live steam runner you are pretty well served by G1MRA and are unlikely(?) to be interested in the new group under discussion.

    More challenging might be someone who has made an exquisite model in 10mm scale!!

    Whilst agreeing that it wouldn't want to be a purely track standards led society I feel that its ethos would be to encourage such an approach, without wishing to exclude anyone wishing to model in 1/32 scale using any other standard.

    Narrow gauge is another thing and again my feeling would be yes, although I think the main thrust ought to be standard gauge modelling, certainly in terms of encouraging manufacturers. For example my own top two priorities would be trying to get wagon wheels made available to ScaleOne32 standards and persuading Cliff Barker (or anyone else) to produce BR 3 bolt chairs to suit Cliff's code 180 rail and with correct rail inclination.

    I'd hate the ship to founder on the "broad church" rocks before it was even launched:rolleyes:

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    Perhaps unhelpfully I'm drifting away from broad church towards a clear statement of scale intent. I know easy for me to offer advice from the sidelines when it doesn't have any direct bearing on what I do (yes I've not forgotten the carriage, but it's a diversion rather than core model making project) but it seems as though

    a/ Clarity of intent would be a very good thing; better chance of arm twisting if you can say that we're about doing things from a scale perspective, make this and we'll buy it do it different and we won't.

    b/ Broad church is one of the perceived failings of G1MRA.

    c/ 'Scale' doesn't have to (and shouldn't) imply snobbery or a better than you attitude on the part of it's practitioners. There's an opportunity to tackle this better than has been managed by others in the past.

    d/ Scale would welcome diverse interests, Welsh narrow gauge or Indian broad gauge can all fly under the same banner if the same approach to standards is adopted, 'finescale' 1:32 would benefit too from much of what goes to make a model in scale 1:32.

    That is all
  19. ceejaydee

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    I'm not deliberately playing 'devil's advocate' here but did want to explore a couple of other scenarios that may come about as a result of the group taking form.

    I agree that there maybe limited if any interest from the G1 live steam fraternity but there may be those out there doing something similar to what Rafe Shirley and Co. have done in 7mm scale by building and running finer scale live steam at realistic speeds. These folk may be horrified at running their little dragons at traditional G1 speeds and feel that they only have G1MRA available to them at the present time yet remain silent within the ranks; so I just wanted to make sure that they may be a place for them within the new group if they wanted and that they would not be excluded.

    I'd also be looking for a standard gauge bias but am glad that other aspects of 1/32 railway modelling are welcome; you know that 1/32 Broad Gauge modeller is going to turn up sometime asking what the group can offer him ;)

    I think the 'broad church' approach would sit quite comfortably with a dual aim of offering support to those wishing to develop their skills and pursue a finer scale outline in 1/32 scale.
  20. 28ten

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    Some good reasoning there Neil.
    Broad church is fine for a general society, but this is actually very specific - 1/32 scale, not 1/32, 10mm and any others about the same size. Might as well stick with ScaleOne32, the people involved and the modelling matter far more than a name and ultimately that is where it will stand or fall. but be prepared to be flexible in the longer term, you wouldnt want to be dogmatic