Modelling Display At G1mra Agm

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 9 November 2011.

  1. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Is it me of is Simon looking like Clarkson with glasses? :))
  2. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Oh gawd, don't you start.....

    He's much taller than me and drives fast cars:))
  3. Simon

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    Back to the trains!

    Steve's already shown it, but here is another view of that lovely B4 tank built by by the late Harry Dumas.


    Here is Derek's BR brake van, built by Dave Walker from an etch that isn't generally available, although I think Steve Cook has managed to get hold of one.


    And finally Cliff Barker takes great delight in pointing out that the finescale 1/32 trucks are sitting on non-finescale code 200 track:eek:


    That's all folks!
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  4. Steve Cook

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    No worries :)
    Link not
    Pleasure, and likewise :D Easy run back for me thanks, not as exciting as your by the sounds of it...speeding, in your tank, was that downhill with a tailwind then :p:D I almost want to say good effort, but better hadn't....
    Excellent - I've finished filling and soldering on the second EM point, painted the first and given up arguing with the cosmetic tiebars on the third. Currently finishing the mechanical stripping of Doddle, a bath in Nitromors beckons next....motivating this live steam stuff :)...or is it prolonged meths inhalation :eek:

  5. Steve Cook

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    What, who, me, never :) Its in the 'to do' pile, otherwise known as my pile of brass, to be paired up with my Class 22 and five or six ballast wagons I haven't built yet....
  6. Simon

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    Sorry about duff link, I have re-done it.

    Sounds like a day of good progress in Northamptonshire:thumbs:

  7. 28ten

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    Is it a Connoisseur etch blown up?
  8. D816Foxhound

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    Nice to catch up with you again Simon, and what a cracking display highlighting what is possible in 1/32nd scale.

    I find pictures of Steve's weathering quite inspirational and it was a pleasure to meet him and talk weathering for a while - lots to remember and put into practice. So, tonight I have made the first tentative steps in weathering the Loriot / Lowmac WE. I hope what I've done so far will look OK in the cold light of day.

    Stoneleigh was definitely a good day out.

  9. Jordan

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    By your own admission, we beg to differ.....
    :D You can't get away with anything on this Forum...!!! :rolleyes: :p ;)
  10. Thirtysecond

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    Update on the half built pair of Britannias featured in this old thread. Here are some close-ups of the finished locos:

    735385B5-3725-40FF-80DF-AAA58394A826.jpeg AD4558D1-DF79-4EAF-A33E-65990C150E2A.jpeg 0FA22BBB-0770-4905-8E5A-E48273E7D899.jpeg F399CCE9-6C86-479D-8A01-E1E269EBE07B.jpeg F9576040-4917-4C61-BF03-ED10AE889AE2.jpeg 2E12A0C0-36D8-4886-BF88-D471C2A9E163.jpeg 1885A2F8-AC86-441C-A2CB-64D744508891.jpeg 08EECC01-3372-4012-A78F-757E17627AB2.jpeg BBCCF718-7E8D-4FD2-BAEB-4F59D275639A.jpeg
  11. Dikitriki

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    Those are remarkable - superb models.

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