Side Lines LMS Coaches and Haywood GWR Coaches

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    Orion Coaches

    I stumbled on this archived web page while researching Porthole coaches. It’s from Side Lines old web site.


    The prices and availability are dated but if they are going to be made available again, these are the diagrams we might expect. The Hawksworth autocoach would suit many branch line layouts.
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    The paint job looks really good. Did you decant the paint from the spray can and put it through an airbrush or use it strait out of the can ?
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    Straight from the can. Best to use acid etch in cooler weather, it apparently means that the etching process is prolonged as the paint takes longer to dry. Counter intuitive perhaps?
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    I see from the Gauge O virtual trade show that Orion coach kits are indeed available again from Ragstone. Great news!
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    The test build of the Orion/Ragstone H24 IMG_20210227_003602.jpg IMG_20210227_003536.jpg

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    Always good to see quality brass coach kits on the market. The folding veins on the sliding windows make a big difference to the appearance of 7mm coaches. I saw Jintymans auto trailer and it looked very good indeed.