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    Just a quick update. I've now got the first 7 Westerns in 1/32nd scale underway, and as I'm building them I'm also preparing extra parts for the kits I am hoping to provide later this year. Photo of no's D1000, D1001, D1002, D1003, D1004, D1013 and D1062 on the "turntable". The other is in the works. 20200625_220424 (1).jpg
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    Happy with these.... 20200701_212932.jpg
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    good to see progress showing numbers does that mean you will only do 74 ! I look forward to ordering one - best to PM you ?
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    Thanks Robert. Yes, if you are interested in a kit, completed body, or RTR model then PM me or e-mail at
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    Quick update as the first test running has taken place with Fosworks R/C kit, linked to traction motors in both bogies, and the Fosworks/Legoman sound project. I'm happy with this progress and, as always, constructive criticism would be welcome. Obviously, the glazing isn't fixed and there's been no fine-tuning of the sound and DCC driven motors, but still some progress has been made, and another milestone reached.

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    It just doesn't seem fair. Why can't skill like this be shared around?
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    Progress indeed. Makes my effort with Steve Goldings class 20/3 look very lame ! More power to your elbow .
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    Thanks Rob. Will be in touch again with more progress shortly :)
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    Robert, it's not you - it's the evolution of Steve's kit.

    I may be able to help - just not now, while I'm overwhelmed with multiple urgencies.

    It's important to emphasise that Steve never intended to produce a scale model for production, just a generic Type 1 to display his own trains of the wagons he makes and sells. Then other people wanted them, and the model has been an unexpected commercial success.

    Steve based it on a Wagon & Carriage Works kit, which itself is a mix of good and bad. The bogies and much of the hood weren't bad, but the complex cab was completely misunderstood, and the striking tapered nose simply ignored. Therefore Steve's resin masters didn't stand a chance, and the price-point didn't justify professional casting. Which is why Steve told me to buy a tub of Isopon to fix the bubbles, distortion, and misplaced windows.
    Someone has tried to cheer up Steve by telling him it represents a rebuilt version of the Class 20, viz a new parallel hood and whole new cab, but despite seeking photos of every surviving Class 20 I've never come across one
    On the plus side, because the model is oversize even for 10mm Scale, it can be patched and machined closer to Class 20 shape.
    I've had reasonable success - that Steve seems pleased with - using templates made from BR drawings. It needed a surface plate, a good Square, a bandsaw, and a beefy linisher. Plus a lot of Isopon. Understandably though, Steve doesn't want all the ramifications of starting afresh with new masters, having already sold many kits.
    Here's the machined superstructure ready for hand finishing:


    Straightening and re-proportioning has removed all the surface detail, which I shall have to make and apply separately.

    The obvious way forward is simply to follow Steve's original intentions for himself: glue the kit together quickly, paint and letter it boldly, and view it from a distance so that it's the Livery that stands out rather than the shape. (If necessary tell people it's a rebuild.)


    Attempting a 1:32 version is doomed. It would be easier to machine one from solid blocks of Isopon.
    But if you'd like a more Class 20 look in 10mm scale. I can offer drawings and profiles, machining suggestions and prototype photos.
    But not for quite, a while as my entire life is in cardboard boxes in between houses.​

    David 1/2d​
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    I've made some more progress with the 1/32 bogies, and the brake gear has taken shape quite nicely....
    20201210_220440.jpg 20201210_220503.jpg

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    Very detailed work and looking good hopefully practical for the merry rough and tumble of outdoors!
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    Hopefully so. Only secured by 2mm screws, so easily replaced if there's a particularly clumsy moment or two...
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    So here's pretty much the finished bogie as will be supplied. This one is one of two IMG_6220.jpg destined to reside under a green D1003 in ex. Works condition and bound for States-side.

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    Bored with the life in the city of gold......... too many bogies! Changed tack, and made up the working fans for the cooler groups.... then did a bit of cab front detailing - checking if it looks OK. Clearly there's more to life than Wizzo's! IMG_6242 res.JPG IMG_6248 res.JPG
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    Fantastic thread Ian and I love your work (as you know ).

    I feel a G1 ‘itch’ coming on !

    Thanks again for the parts you’ve undertaken for me - brilliant!

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    20210221_155450.jpg The first primer just gone on to highlight any areas needing attention. Looks pretty good from first check, and it'll be turning green very soon.
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    According the book "Diesels on the Southern" which includes inter-regional workings to the Southern Region, Class 52's did indeed come into Southern Region. Does anybody know any more about these incursions, in particular which ones?.
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    Purely speculation here, but I would expect weekend engineering diversions would be the same then as they are for me now. Closure of the line between Taunton and Exeter would mean a trip from Castle Cary to Yeovil Jct. and then along the Southern to Exeter. I would imagine that photographs of these trains might be hard to come by. I do know that Exeter men did sign the route up to Waterloo in diesel days. Now it is as far as Yeovil. This information I will have to check up on as there may be RA restrictions on Westerns on the Southern route.
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    I reckon they'd have been ok - if they could fit between the platforms at Pen Mill (and they certainly can) then there's little reason they couldn't make it down the singled mainline to Exeter. Here's Western Emperor on a railtour at Feniton (recte Sidmouth Junction):

    Western Emperor at Feniton. 29th Mach 1975

    Photo stop at Feniton 29th March 1975

    And another, Western Consort leaving Pen Mill with cement just taking the junction up the hill to Junction:

    D1065 'Western Consort' at Yeovil Pen Mill on 6B22 19.07 Westbury - Exeter Central cement

    D1065 'Western Consort' at Yeovil Pen Mill on 6B22 19.07 Westbury - Exeter Central cement

    And another pair, again on a railtour, heading the other way:

    Yeovil Junction Western farewell tour.

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