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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by D1054, 30 September 2018.

  1. D1054

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    D1003 has turned green. Just roughed out the SYP but though it looked ok, so slipped in the headcode set and buffers, and even painted the door handle and kickguards, just to check the effect.... looks pretty good. I know the side windows are a bit heavy, but these are resin test sets and will be n/s etches in the finished models/kits. Comments welcomed, and constructive critique particularly so, please. IMG_6328.jpg
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  2. D1054

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    And so the first Prototype has been completed this evening.... I caught a snippet of sunshine and took a few pics before adding the final detailing.... D1003 heads off to her new home in the morning, and then the real work begins on producing a few kits. 2021-08-07 17.57.55.jpg 2021-08-07 18.01.00.jpg 2021-08-07 18.08.05.jpg 2021-08-07 18.10.05.jpg
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    Been watching this with great interest - so interested in a kit, a lovely D1015 Western Champion in Golden Ochre!
  4. D1054

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    Hi, I'll be releasing an update towards the end of September to all interested parties. I've added you to my growing list. Also, one of my prototypes will be finished as D1015 in Golden Ochre, so you'll have something to check over!