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    This will apply to almost all forms of roof tiles as well as slates. Plain tiles which are quite common have an eaves tile which is shorter than the main tiles and sits under the first row with the bottom edges flush and sitting on a tilting fillet. In some cases, not so common in modern era, the ends of the rafters had an additional piece of timber called sprockets which raised the last couple of rows of tiles at the bottom of the rafters. This applied to larger buildings and houses etc. and probably not on an office or shed.

    Pan tiles do not have eaves tiles as they interlock with each other.

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    There is a very well illustrated brochure from Welsh Slate available as a download here:

    Downloads | Welsh Slate

    It contains several diagrams showing the recommended methods and patterns for slated roofs. Well worth a look.

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    Test build done. A few alterations needed and complete so will be cutting kits out next week. Now the instructions. I know, I’m having to put instructions in the kits now.:thumbs:

    58CCD071-320D-4EB9-AD37-37CBEF6EE3D9.jpeg A3300B92-6148-41BB-8DD2-4D7124EE5C48.jpeg 4D8B572F-9E99-4628-A8DB-A9839FA5A2AC.jpeg

    As with all the kits, if I can, I put internal walls and a fireplace. This is no different and as usual I’ve even put a little grate in.

    7698288E-812B-44F0-AA5D-741FB76DC040.jpeg 85256EF7-DF30-4A7C-8DA2-1F128F8479DE.jpeg

    it will never be seen but looking through the window the fireplace is at least visible.
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    That's a real dandy building. O gauge?
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    yes Larry. :)
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    Hi Phil I have sent a new DXF to your email here is a Jpeg of the sheet I can cut this up into a number of different configurations and layer the parts to create different walls brick wall and archesx1024.jpg
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    Some paint racks that made for myself. Quite a useful size at approx 10" wide x 8" deep as they don't take up loads of desk space. I've got some drawer units that fit underneath them too. I'll post some pictures when my desk is tidier!

    Paint31mm2.jpg Paint31mm1.jpg
    Just noticed, I assembled this incorrectly and that will be why my Humbrol paints didn't fit as well as I hoped :rolleyes:

    Paint35mm3.jpg Paint35mm2.jpg Paint35mm1.jpg
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    Drawer unit artfully posed with some tools :)

    ModularDrawSingle2.jpg ModularDrawSingle1.jpg ModularDrawSingle.jpg
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    I was tying to make old fashioned road signs today. A little more work, but looks promising..

    Road Signs.jpg
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    They look useful but can I suggest a variation on the theme? :rolleyes:

    Although they may not take up a lot of desk space it seems to me there is a lot of wasted space underneath them - plus the fact my workbench is an exemplar of organisation and every singe inch is accounted for.:))

    What I've been looking for is a vertical paint rack. So something very similar to this but instead of staggered layer by layer I've been trying to find something totally vertical, to avoid the void of wasted space underneath. So I'm looking for a vertical rack with bar or slot along the top so that I can hang it from a couple of hooks on a cupboard door and hide it away when not being used. However the base would have a little foot (sort of wellington boot in side profile). However a little hinged foot at the base so that I can unhook it from the cupboard door and place on the workbench when needed. The hinged foot would then project out of the rear to stop it falling over backwards - I can picture exactly how it could work but I'm damned if I can draw it out. If I make a little plasticard model to demonstrate would you consider it?
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    I can picture what you’re suggesting, but as an alternative, how about making it half as wide, and hinging it vertically to another one, so it would stand up like an open book?

    have to say, it would be a pain if it fell over...
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    Sounds similar to a spice rack but sure, I’ll consider it. Could be a really useful addition. In fact I've got some ideas.
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    Cheers - obvious now when you say it - just like a spice rack. One that I can hang on a cupboard door but easily lift off and put on the workbench - the extra leg pops out to stop it falling over backwards. Or maybe a hinged back leg much like a small picture frame so that the rack is slightly tilted backwards. Just like a picture frame it can be wall mounted or stood upright on a flat surface (workbench, window ledge, mantle piece etc.)
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    I like the paint rack, I would buy one.

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    Similar but I’m going to cut circles out and make it stand up on its own.
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    I think I’ve sorted the road signs and street names out more or less.

    AB9104CC-849B-41BB-9F89-590F855E4CEC.jpeg 2B578A6C-B0AB-4854-92AC-C212B7461B9C.jpeg 30DB5B6B-B8DA-47B4-9F9E-6274B85E4195.jpeg Street Signs Type1.jpg
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    Trying some LNWR station modules

    245B3F1F-6C1C-48E8-AEEC-EF03AC148F4F.jpeg 8FFEC55D-E17A-45E6-871A-D852F5F8FA7D.jpeg DDCB078B-E9E0-45AC-888E-DE27C67A2F9E.jpeg 973EFF5C-6269-4AB0-8920-A101AEDA87E8.jpeg F347C7E9-96F6-4CF7-B652-2DA3837720D3.jpeg 723139CB-99B7-4503-BFE8-5E5FD6C826EF.jpeg

    these are a quick and dirty test. I’ll cut the actual panels once I’m happy to run with the wood grain.
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    There are almost certainly other examples, but for a large station still demonstrating a lot of its LNWR credentials Harrow and Wealdstone takes some beating, from outside and inside. It's a remarkable survival considering it's so large and on such a busy line - not that I've passed through it for a few years. I suspect (I've not checked, which would be easy enough to do) that there's a preservation order on it - quite rightly too. Almost certainly, if not, it'd look like Watford Junction by now.

    Out of nothing more than idle interest (personally I'm very unlikely to ever construct a building) is there a site anywhere listing stations in "original" condition?

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    This looks interesting
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